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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Working with junior Elliot Krewson, alumni Scott Winfrey helps him finish a project for business class. Winfrey graduated in 2008 and since then has been working to have an impact on students in the classes he substitutes for. “I don’t believe in good or bad’ students,” Winfrey said. “Only energy that is focused productively or not. Students are not opposed to working hard. They just want to find meaning in the work they do.”

More than a substitute: alumnus Scott Winfrey shares the impact he hopes to have on students

Drew Boone, Staff Writer October 4, 2019

As a substitute teacher, you get limited time with the students in class due to a plan already written out for you by the teacher. Not only does substitute teacher and alumnus Scott Winfrey accomplish...

On the campaign trail, alumnus Rigel Robinson speaks at a political fundraising event. Robinson’s key campaign issues include funding for public education and creating affordable housing. “Everything we do results in a compromise; that’s how governing works. If you don’t start dreaming big then you’re going to end up with an end result that is insufficient; thats just the way it is,” Robinson said.

Alumnus Rigel Robinson makes history as Berkeley, Calif.’s youngest city councilperson

Kathryn McAuliffe, CEIC Intern September 11, 2019

Alumnus Rigel Robinson pauses, then explodes in laughter. “No, this was all just a big, happy accident,” Robinson said.  “This” refers to Robinson’s career; he is the youngest city councilperson...

Alumna Celeste Rudd sits with Lisa Gardner and Sheryl Wharff at the 2018 Women of the Channel Leadership Summit East in New York City. This event is where female leaders advance their careers and strategic goals. “My interest in software stemmed from the desire to make a meaningful impact on society as well as my love of softwares constant need for adaptation to market needs and potential to make an incredible living. I am never bored and I know that what I do is impacting people in a meaningful way daily,” Rudd said.

Alumna Celeste Rudd making an impact through the software business

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach May 20, 2019

From selling enterprise-grade scalable software to providing consulting, alumna Celeste Rudd has been promoted to Americas Alliance Manager for Micro Focus since joining in March 2016 as an Account Manager...

Laura Kleffner stands on the red carpet with coworker Jason Watson at the annual Mission: St. Louis Night for the Town Gala in September 2018. Kleffner and Watson were emcees for this event that raised $450,000. “Professionally, [this was] one of my greatest accomplishments at Mission: St. Louis,” Kleffner said. “[I am] constantly [wanting to] expand the awareness [about Mission: St. Louis] but also raise more money through different avenues.”

Utilizing Mission: St. Louis to change lives

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach March 25, 2019

Not only did freshmen hear from alumna Kelly Quinn for Day of Service, they also heard a speech from 2006 alumna Laura Kleffner. Kleffner joined Mission: St. Louis, an organization that provides education...

Kelly Quinn, standing to the left, poses with Best Buddies at a Pre-Season St. Louis Blues game hosted by St. Louis Blues Alumni. This opportunity helped members of Best Buddies strengthen their friendships through a shared passion for hockey. “[I love] witnessing two people click as friends,” Quinn said. “It is like watching magic or seeing someone truly come to life. The joy from seeing others feel joy is extremely powerful.”

Inspiring and building friendships through Best Buddies

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach March 4, 2019

After graduating 19 years ago, alumna Kelly Quinn will return March 7 as a guest speaker for Day of Service. As State Director for Missouri for Best Buddies International, Quinn is one of the four speakers...

Taylor Scott embraces her boyfriend Derik Scott at the Rose Bowl on the Tuesday before the premiere of “The Titan Games.” They both agree that their experience with “The Titan Games” has been life-changing. “Being in such a crazy atmosphere with Dwayne Johnson himself and 64 athletically gifted competitors was humbling,” T. Scott said. “The people Derik was surrounded by were such amazing humans. They have so much talent and so many things that could have or even did alter their paths, yet they found how to switch gears and make the most out of their lives through the gym and working out.”

Pursuing nursing while cheering from the sidelines at “The Titan Games”

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach January 29, 2019

After attending Lindenwood University for two and a half years, alumna Taylor Scott decided to leave behind her plans to attend Goldfarb School of Nursing to pursue a career in personal training in Los...

Scott Bender prepares for a four minute fight scene for the short film, “The Eagles are a Country Music Band,” in which he starred. The film made its premiere at the HollyShorts Film Festival in Hollywood in August and the fight scene took 12 hours to film with the help of a stunt choreographer, a fight choreographer, a props team and a special effects team. “Me and the actress who plays my wife [get into a huge fight] and it is a little over the top, but it is part of the film. She breaks a wine bottle and throws it at me and it gets stuck in my back and I pull it out. We just have this crazy fight and she ends up killing me. The prop team attached a harness that goes around my chest and back and they cut a hole out of the shirt and put the shirt over the hardness and lodged the bottle into a suction cup in the harness so it looks like it went through my shirt and my back,” Bender said. “It is a really cool action movie and I have never done something to that effect before so it was really cool to learn how they do that so I can look at all these movies that have all these special effects and fights in them and break them down.”

Surviving as an actor in Hollywood

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach December 10, 2018

From taking on lead roles in short films to participating in Buzzfeed and Google Home commercials, 2005 alumnus Scott Bender has pursued his passion as an actor in Hollywood. This dream first surfaced...

Tricia LaRocca Morris holds her newly adopted daughter, June Caroline. Morris, working as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse, helped tend to sick newborn babies everyday while attempting to adopt. “We are just so grateful for our little girl, June Caroline, that its hard to fathom that someone else is grateful for us. I think thats part of what makes a successful adoption so special. It is the answer to so many peoples prayers,” Morris said.

Riding the adoption rollercoaster

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach November 16, 2018

Working as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse in Ann Arbor, MI after graduating in 2002, alumna Tricia LaRocca Morris achieved her goal of creating her own family by adopting her first baby June Caroline. “My...

Alumnus Ed Alizadeh continues to make a difference in the community as the CEO of Geotechnology

Sarah Lashly, Copy Coach October 26, 2018

From overseeing and participating in the construction of the current Busch Stadium to public works projects in the City of Blue Springs, 1980 alumnus Ed Alizadeh has participated in many engineering and...

David Peterka rolls a bike tire back and forth with Hope in Malawi. Hope is the daughter of a friend of Peterka’s who is a pastor in a village church.

Alumnus David Peterka provides support to oppressed girls in Malawi

Sarah Lashly, Staff Writer May 21, 2018

Since graduating in 2006, alumnus David Peterka has developed a passion for advocating for equality through the awakening of his faith in God. Dedicating his life to this mission, Peterka created a safe...

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