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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The poster for Parkway West Dramatics Companys performance of Silent Sky. Students in the cast and crew of the production rehearsed and worked for two months leading up to the performances. Everybody in the cast and crew is challenged in some way [during the play], and being able to see the final product of [hard work] and having the audience watch it is so cool, theatre department teacher and play director Amie Gossett said.

The shining stars of ‘Silent Sky’

Elizabeth Franklin, Opinions Editor October 31, 2022

A sparkling sky of stars lights the theater as a trilling piano melody ascends into the aisles of a dark theater, the spirit of anticipation and wonder imbuing a hushed crowd. Five actors, a director and...

The Supreme Court, college officials, educators and students in the United States are reconsidering the 57-year-old practice of affirmative action. Most universities included race as a factor in admission, but the practice fell under attack after the Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) organization first sued Harvard University in 2014. “Until America is transformed into a place where racial oppression is non-existent, affirmative action must continue to be used by colleges,” alumni and current Harvard student Mira Nalbandian said.

Affirmative Action: The line between equality and equity

Audrey Ghosh, Awards Coordinator October 27, 2022

As the college application season continues, seniors all over the United States frantically perfect admission forms. Throughout this process, many students wonder how one controversial admission factor...

The Suicide Prevention Crisis Lifeline receives calls from across the country to help those in crisis. This year, school IDs included the lifeline number above the barcode. “Putting the numbers on the card is helpful to an extent. I personally never use my ID — I didn’t even notice there was a number on there for suicide prevention — and if I had to call the suicide hotline, I’d just search the number on my phone [rather] than look for the number on the card,” Mental Health Club president Rachel Bhagat said.

New school IDs feature Suicide Prevention Crisis Lifeline

Addie Gleason, Managing Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2022

As school IDs were passed out Oct. 14 during AcLab, eyes fell upon a new line added above the barcodes. “Suicide Prevention Crisis Lifeline; Call or Text 988.” Noticing an increase in teen suicide...

Trunk or Treat!

Trunk or Treat!

Ashlyn Gillespie, Deputy Managing Editor in Chief October 21, 2022

  Longhorn Student Council (LOCO) is holding a Trunk or Treat event Oct. 27 from 5-7 p.m. LOCO Secretary and sophomore Sadie Burgess and Creative Coordinator and sophomore Sienna Lorenz planned...

Principal John McCabe and Junior class Principal Mario Pupillo stand by the cafeteria door during lunch supervising. McCabe or another administrator monitors during every lunch period. “It’s stressful, but it’s also rewarding because we have such a great student body, and they’re mostly sitting here enjoying themselves and their lunch,” McCabe said.

New Year, New West

Sabrina Urdaneta, Staff Writer October 14, 2022

After Principal John McCabe took the reins, he craved the spirit of a larger school. He began by prioritizing school safety.  “I don't want to change a lot of stuff, but certain things are really...

Rosie the Riveter style, junior Kashifa Farooq poses, eager to vote. “I’m excited to see how voting trends are going to be when Gen Z is allowed to vote. I think a new generation brings new insight and perspective. So when my generation can vote, I feel our government will reflect us more,” Farooq said.

Student suffrage: How to register to vote

Anna Claywell, Staff Writer October 7, 2022

As thousands of Missourians prepare to vote for the 2022 midterms, 18-year-old students have the opportunity to join them.  With midterm elections on Nov. 8, the deadline to register to vote is Oct....

Throwing candy out to the crowd around them, the varsity boys soccer team enters Brook Hill Subdivision gates Sept. 24, 2021. Due to excessive litter and waste in previous years, the school placed a rule that limits candy usage in the parade this year. “We had to drive a golf cart around the neighborhood and pick up candy and trash late at night. It was just another freshman and me, and I didnt feel safe, sophomore class president Triya Gudipati said. We missed most of the homecoming game, which was upsetting because it was my first year in high school. It was my first homecoming game, and I was right behind the field so that I could hear all of the game, but I didnt get to go. I feel like that experience was taken away from me.

To candy or not to candy: ‘No Littering Rule’ changes Homecoming parade expectations

Elle Rotter, Deputy Conceptual Editor-in-Chief September 22, 2022


Construction tools stand throughout the partially-finished entrance to the Fine Arts wing. The entrance will be a glass display case featuring students’ artwork. “[I’m excited about] everything being so fresh and new. For art teachers, I would say our department is very clean. [The new department] is going to be ready to organize and allow for procedures to be a lot more accessible [and] manageable,” Art Department Leader Katy Mangrich said.

The final draw: Administrators decide to update the art department

Emily Early and Claire Creely September 19, 2022

A shiny silver sign reading “Fine Arts” hangs over the glass display case at the entrance to the new art department. Just beyond the doorway, a charette, or place of congregation, leads into the contemporary...

Homecoming on tour

Homecoming on tour

Madi Michajliczenko, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief September 16, 2022

It’s that time of year again — homecoming. Students are planning their outfits, picking their dresses and preparing for another great season. Longhorn Council has been working overtime to bring you...

Explaining how to request high school transcripts for the college application, college counselor Chris Lorenz leads a senior class meeting for English teacher Diana Lurkins’ AP Literature class. West High transitioned the counseling department to create a single college counselor, following in the footsteps of the other four Parkway high schools. “I love working with high school [students], coming of age, moving from being a child to an adult. I’m helping individuals through that transition, which encompasses an understanding of themselves and  their passions are as they leave high school and go off to do bigger and better things,” Lorenz said.

Counseling department shifts gears

Madi Michajliczenko, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief September 13, 2022

Common App. Essay Writing. ACT Optional. Applying to the college of your dreams can span months. Students don’t have to figure out this world alone. Counselors are readily available.  Dedicated to...

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