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Parkway Board of Education candidates plan for future of the district

Answering a question asked by a student, Board of Education candidate Pam Hill sits beside Tom Wilsdon representing Sudhir Rathod at the student-sponsored School Board Candidate Forum March 11 at Parkway Central. Candidates Farida Ahsan and Dr. Sam Sciortino also attended the candidate forum, and all candidates answered questions surrounding topics such as mental health, curriculum, student drug use and more. “I think those forums are a great way to learn more about the candidates, and I just loved the student-sponsored one,” Hill said. “There are things you need to read and issues you need to study up on as a school board candidate, and because I have an interest in education, reading things about education is something that I’m going to want to do and going to be willing to put in the time to do.”

Sabrina Bohn, Deputy Managing EiC

April 1, 2019

Yard signs boasting candidates’ names line the streets of Parkway’s district as the community prepares for the election Tuesday, April 2. With two seats open on the Board of Education, newcomers Pam Hill and Farida Ahsan, as well as incumbents Dr. Sam Sciortino and Sudhir Rathod are campaigning to be elected to the boar...

Kathryn McAuliffe chosen for Sophomore Pilgrimage

Preparing for her first districts round, sophomore Kathryn McAuliffe debates how we should handle the global drug crisis, between the criminal justice system and public health system. McAuliffe competed in MSHAA state districts in Lincoln-Douglas debate, which surrounds philosophical values in the context of topics provided. “I aimed to stay involved and educate others on politics through speeches and competitions,” McAuliffe said. “I was reading my case out loud to make sure it sounded smooth and I was well-articulated.”

Olivia Arzano, Convergent Media Writer

March 31, 2019

More than 300 sophomores in the state of Missouri will be traveling together April 9 to attend the 85th annual Sophomore Pilgrimage in Jefferson City. The purpose of the Pilgrimage is to give recognition to high school sophomores who exemplify high standards of honor, courage, citizenship, scholarsh...

St. Louis youth gather downtown to demand action regarding climate change

Senior Noah Wright delivers a speech at the St. Louis Youth Climate Strike US in front of a crowd of 100. Wright was a lead organizer for the event after being inspired by what he learned in AP Environmental Science and Honors Environmental Sustainability. “For decades, our politicians have failed us by doing so little when we need so much. It is my hope they see crowds like this across the country and realize that the time for denial is over,” Wright said. “To our politicians we have one message: take action against climate change or we will vote you out.”

Maria Newton and Sabrina Bohn

March 15, 2019

The Youth Climate Strike US held a national walkout today, March 15, attended by students across the United States as part of a global movement; it is estimated that about one million students worldwide in 125 different countries took part, with more than 100 students in St. Louis going on strike in fr...

The Parkway Step Team plans to attend a national competition in Virginia

The Parkway Step Team performs during the homecoming pep rally Sept. 28. The team plans to travel to Virginia Beach, VA to perform this weekend for a national competition. “Performing in front of the school is way different than a real competition because there are not as many people watching you at school and its less pressure because it's not a competition, it's just a chance to have fun. But at a real competition, there is a lot more pressure to win, and there are more than 2,000 people watching you, usually,” sophomore RoNeeka Boyd said.

Irene Yannakakis, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

The nationally acclaimed step team is back at it once again. With plans to travel to Virginia next week for the Spring Showdown Step Competition, the team continues to practice to make the trip worth their while. Last year, the team got first in their division, along with first overall in this com...

Freshmen experience their first Day of Service

Writing messages about how to include everyone, freshmen Tre Bell and Ethan McLeod write a note about what they will do to inspire change in the community.  “I never really thought about everything that happens around me. I really have just been worried about myself, but I realized other people go through a harder time then I do. Now I am going to try help around and be a better person in the community,” Bell said

Ella Roesch, Convergent Media Writer

March 14, 2019

For the second annual Day of Service, the upperclassmen went off campus to give back to the community, while the freshmen class remained on campus and participated in three sessions of their choice, as well as Vivian's Pledge.   The freshmen choose from 15 different speaker sessions to attend thr...

Students organize a walkout combatting environmental apathy

Senior Noah Wright makes a poster for the Youth Climate Strike on March 15. He has been an organizer for the walkout in St. Louis.

Maria Newton, Features Editor

March 14, 2019

A nation-wide walkout is being organized by students all over the nation, including senior Noah Wright, to pressure lawmakers to take action regarding climate change. “It is a call to action for lawmakers to address the threat of climate change. There are some specific demands, the most important...

SSJLAC attends book discussion with best selling author Nic Stone

Best- selling author Nic Stone discusses the focus and messages of her novel “Dear Martin” with the members of SSJLAC.  Her book was published Oct. 17, 2017. “I was actually studying Psychology and planning to go into neuropsych, but I'd started a novel the year before and managed to finish it and secure an agent before graduation. That novel didn't go anywhere, but the switchover changed the trajectory of my entire life,” Stone said.

Irene Yannakakis, Staff Writer

March 5, 2019

Sitting in the University City High School library, sophomore Tiye’ Hyler had a realization—no matter what you expect, plans and life can always change. Hyler came to this realization after hearing how best selling author Nic Stone attended college for Psychology and ultimately became a writer. “...

Day of Service inspires First Annual Month of Love

Students in Jessica Bowman’s class first hour class help to package, count and organize baby care supplies, courtesy of students and staff. “Instead of just one Day of Service, it should be more of a theme for us,” Testing Coordinator and community outreach liaison Stephanie Hornsby said.

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

February 28, 2019

Students walk into the main entrance toting plastic bags filled with donation items, everything from school supplies to pacifiers. Boxes filled with donations line the walls outside of counseling, a result of students and staff who have helped children, animals and families in need by donating items to fo...

Gateway to Change teaches students about social, economic and community issues

Sponsor and Junior Principal, Mario Pupillo poses with five students at a Gateway to Change conference. Over 80 students from across the Metropolitan area attend each conference and six of those 80 were chosen from West. “I like knowing what’s going on in our community and knowing how everybody is in contrast to each other and how we’re alike and different. It’s something I’ve never really seen before. [The conferences] opened my eyes,” freshman Connor Gusky said.

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

I can go shopping without someone assuming that I am shoplifting, or that I am dangerous in the store, or without being followed reads English teacher Kim Hanan-West to a room full of 80 students from across the Metropolitan St. Louis Area. I can easily find band-aids that match my skin tone. Hanan...

Students write letters to Marjory Stoneman Douglas students on the anniversary of the Parkland shooting

Stopping on their way into lunch, students write letters for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Students were given the opportunity to write letters the week of Feb. 4-8. “The goal in doing this is to make the students at Parkland feel love and support as they’re approaching the one year anniversary of this difficult time,” senior Sophie Pellegrino said.

Claire Smout, Awards Coordinator

February 12, 2019

Thursday will mark the one year anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL Feb. 14, 2018, a former student opened fire, claiming the lives of 17 students and staff members and injuring 17 more. In an effort to honor the community on the anniversary of this tragedy, j...

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