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Families deal with effects of government shutdown

Although the government is open temporarily for three weeks of negotiations over the budget, the shutdown was the longest in history, lasting 35 days. Many families with members who work for the government were affected by the two paychecks that were not paid during that time. “My mom is really good at managing money. She managed to make it work so we can buy groceries to eat dinner. Stuff that we don’t need, we just haven’t really been getting,” junior Lauren Ottensmeyer said. “The shutdown just made everything stressful, but we got through it slowly.”

Sabrina Bohn, Deputy Managing EiC

February 8, 2019

After the longest government shutdown in United States history, government workers are still adjusting from the two paychecks that they missed during the 35-day period. “Initially, we just figured the shutdown would be over in a short time. It was okay, and it was easier to go into work at the be...

Friends and family come together to support the Morgan-Hopkins family

The Morgan-Hopkins family sits together for a group photo. The family of eight lost their home to a house fire Feb. 2.

Carly Anderson, Copy Editor

February 6, 2019

Following a house fire at 3 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 2, the Morgan-Hopkins family was left without food, clothes or a place to stay. The family and their pets made it out safely, but are now in need of restaurant gift cards and self-care items as they recover. “As a friend of the Hopkins’, I want to ...

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