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Alumna Vicky Hedgecock animates “Call of The Wild”

Preparing for a band concert, alumna Vicky Hedgecock and her friend Sarah Kellogg get ready together in their senior year of high school in 2012. Hedgecock agreed that band helped a lot with her animation skills. “If you come from some sort of musical background like band, it really helps with timing actions for your animation so they work with the beat of the music and have a better overall impact in trailers or in the movie itself,” Hedgecock said.

Ashlyn Gillespie, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 22, 2020

After deciding to become an animator her freshman year of high school, 2012 alumna Vicky Hedgecock worked in high school and college to gain animation skills and experience. She is currently animating the movie "Call of the Wild,” coming to theaters Feb. 21, 2020. “The major push for me to pursue anima...

Seniors explore alternative post-high school plans

Senior Tony Morse earns money working at his part-time job at Applebee's. Morse plans on picking up more hours after he finishes high school.

Olivia Bradshaw, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 21, 2020

A common question asked of seniors is  ‘what are your plans for college?’ While approximately 54% of the Class of 2019 went on to attend a four-year university, 46% made alternative arrangements.  Three members of the Class of 2020 share their alternative plans. Gap Year: Tony Morse Senior Ton...

Sophomore Amanda Clark’s “Everyday Stigmas” podcast fights mental health stigmas

Sophomore Amanda Clark presents the logo of her podcast, 'Everyday Stigmas,' which aims to fight the stigma surrounding mental health. The podcast began last year as an English assignment, and Clark decided to continue creating episodes as a hobby outside of the classroom. “I want people to become more aware of certain issues and things that are going on around them. I want them to be proactive in taking further steps to change the way they act,” Clark said.

Paige Matthys-Pearce, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 20, 2020

Students whisper among themselves and excitement increases with the thought of the unknown as English teacher Kim Hanan-West introduces a podcast assignment to her 2018-2019 Honors English I class. Sophomore Amanda Clark, a student of Hanan-West last year, created her podcast, Everyday Stigmas, to bri...

Senior Jordan DeBlasi: A soldier following his family’s footsteps

Senior Jordan DeBlasi works out five days a week to prepare for his future in the military. DeBlasi also plans on taking college classes while completing his service. “I want to go to college to be a counselor, hopefully at a high school. The army automatically gives me $64,000 off any college I want to go to. I’m also planning on taking college courses while I’m in the military, so hopefully, I’ll get lots of stuff done while I'm in the military too,” DeBlasi said.

Karina Christ, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 16, 2020

While most students are packing up their lives and carrying their belongings in a car across the state and country to head to college, senior Jordan DeBlasi will be trading frat parties for boot camps.  “I want to join the army because my family members have been in the military, and I feel a resp...

Meet Jessie Menchak, a new American Sign Language teacher

American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Jessie Menchak helps freshman Jaquenette Wheatley with her project on a famous deaf person in 6th hour ASL II class. The presentation will be given throughout the week in class to show famous figures in the deaf community. “I try to impact students by letting them know they're in a safe space [and] that they can be comfortable here with the knowledge I'm on their team,” Menchak said.

Sophia Frobish, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 15, 2020

On the third floor at the end of the language hallway, American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Jessie Menchak greets her students as they walk into class, giving them a handshake and a welcoming smile before the bell.  Menchak is new to the district after returning to St. Louis from teaching in Iowa...

One year anniversary of car accident outside school brings reflection for juniors Michaela Linden and Jessie Crawford

Junior Michaela Linden sits on the trunk of her car. She now has her license, but there were a few instances in the weeks following the accident that Michaela needed to walk home. “The rest of last year I walked home a total of three times after I got hit, and every time I had a panic attack,” Michaela said. “It was very soon after [the accident] and I was still very on edge about it. I got rides from friends when I could, or I had parents pick me up.”

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

January 14, 2020

Besides four inches of snow covering the ground, the walk home from school Jan. 15, 2018 was mundane for juniors Michaela Linden and Jessie Crawford.  “It was a normal day,” Jessie said. “You wake up, go to school; nothing was wrong, nothing felt off.”  Just into their walk down Clayton...

Joe Milliano: The tap dancing teacher

Seniors Abigayle Dorrance, Sophie Reidt and choreographer Joe Milliano rehearse a tap routine to go along with the song

Madison Michajliczenko, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 14, 2020

Down the science hallway in room 1408, the new AP Physics 1 and 2 teacher Joe Milliano also assists the theatre department as the resident tap choreographer. Milliano has a hobby that sets him apart from other teachers: he tap dances.   “I've been [tap dancing] since first grade.  The sum...

10. Behind the scenes: Alumna Kim St. Onge shares her journey to becoming a broadcast journalist

Standing on The Arch grounds, Kim St. Onge covers the St. Louis Blues rally after winning the Stanley Cup. St. Onge wore a headset to hear the anchors in her ear. “The crowd was so loud that day that even with the headset I could barely hear the show. I was on a stage in the middle of tens of thousands of people–pretty surreal. It was so cool to see the whole city come together to support the Blues. I’ll forever think of that day as one of the coolest things I’ve ever done,” St. Onge said.

Makinsey Drake, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 9, 2020

Covering stories from the Iowa Caucuses to the Joplin Tornado, 2008 alumna Kim St. Onge can now be seen on  KOMU-TV. St. Onge studied public relations at Mizzou until she found her passion for journalism. “One of my best college friends introduced me to broadcast journalism. I instantly fell in ...

Sophomore Donnie Denham drives to make change

Sophomore Donnie Denham unloads a truck full of food for those in need. Denham was inspired to go out and make a difference in his community so he could feel that he was doing something that will impact others lives. “I love going out, spending my weekends away from friends, to go make someone else feel special,” Denham said. “I think sometimes we take for granted what we have in life. It doesn’t hurt to get out of your comfort zone to make someone else feel special.”

Tre Bell, Staff Writer

January 8, 2020

Sophomore Donnie Denham runs St. Louis Food Rescue, an organization that delivers food to homeless people a few weekends each month. “We contact [Einsteins, Costco and Whole Foods], and they give us some of their leftover food. On the weekends, we go and take it to homeless shelters around the a...

Dancing across the world: senior Natalie Larsen’s post-graduation plans take her to Australia

As a junior, senior Natalie Larsen decided to try the poms team. Joining the team gave her the opportunity to perform more often. “[My dancing] hasn’t been anything performance based for a while since poms, which I think is fine,” Larsen said. “I miss the vindication of performing, but honestly, I don’t miss performing. It’s that respect as a dancer that I miss.”

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

January 7, 2020

She knew her plan. Senior Natalie Larsen would go to a four-year university straight out of high school; she would use her childhood experiences from mission trips with her family to study social work. This is how she planned to make a difference.  “It wasn’t until the very end of last year that I was wonder...

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