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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Alumnus Abdullah Kuzeiz poses at the courtyard of the Danforth University Center of Washington University, St. Louis. The Marshall Scholarship enabled Kuzeiz to pursue cancer research at Oxford. “I stumbled onto cancer research while I was in high school, and I realized theres just so many people in this, and theyre attacking it from every conceivable angle,” Kuzeiz said. “It feels good to work on finding new and better treatments for cancer that can potentially save lives.”

Journey to Oxford: Alumnus Abdullah Kuziez receives the Marshall Scholarship

Raj Jaladi, Multimedia Editor April 21, 2022

Alumnus Abdullah Kuziez, class of 2018, was one of the 41 students to be named a 2022 Marshall Scholar. Awarded by the British Government, the Marshall Scholarship offers exceptional American students...

Roaming the halls, Alumni Mackenzie and Brandt Capps walk around the school to where they fell in love. “Just coming back here just brings up all the amazing memories
me and Brandt made,” Mackenzie Capps said.

Ballwin Days leads to alumni marriage

Zoey Ware, Staff Writer February 14, 2022

Flashback to the summer of 2011, two groups of friends met up at Ballwin Days to enjoy the last moments of summer together. That night, 15-year-old Mackenzie Ware met 16-year-old Brandt Capps, and their...

Alumni Grant Aden and Emily Dickson take a photo with their former Latin teacher Tom Herpel to commemorate their engagement. The two have dated for six years and will be living together in Omaha, Neb. as of summer 2022. “What Im most excited about getting married is coming back to St. Louis at some point. I think as much as I [pretend] I dont like St. Louis, we definitely want to come back to raise our family,” Dickson said. “Im looking forward to that, and Grant wants to be a pediatrician. Hes just so good with kids. Im excited about that chapter of our lives.”

A pop quiz proposal

Madi Michajliczenko, Staff Writer February 14, 2022

For many students, the mention of the words “pop quiz” creates a feeling of panic. However, alumnus Grant Aden, class of 2017, and alumna Emily Dickson, class of 2018, have come to know a different...

Wearing a red and black outfit to compliment her newly dyed hair, alumna Charlize Chiu poses along the streets of New York. Chiu later posted the photo to her Instagram account where she posts other photoshoots and styling videos. “Theres a lot of trial and error, like putting random pieces in my closet together and if it doesnt work out then Ill swap it out for something. There’s a lot of trying on clothes and then putting it back and seeing what works,” Chiu said. “I like to look up a lot of different inspirations on social media and Pinterest. When Im walking around the city I get inspiration from what Im seeing other people wear.”

Fashion Forward: Alumna Charlize Chiu grows a social media following as a fashion student in New York

Addie Gleason, Opinions/A&E Editor January 24, 2022

Packing up to move to New York during the summer after senior year, alumna Charlize Chiu, class of 2020, prepared for the different lifestyle of a New York fashion and business student. Although going...

Celebrating his one year sobriety mark, Trevor Shukers and his fiancée Courtney Jaboor smile with their two children: Hailee [6 years] and Sutton [20 months]. Hailee was diagnosed with autism in the middle of last year. “My three girls have all helped me find a purpose for life,” Shukers said. “I believe Hailee is part of Gods reason for helping me and giving me another chance, she needs me. Little does she know I need her more than she needs me. The girls have given me a life better than I could have ever imagined.”

Alumni Trevor Shukers’ journey from addiction to inspiration

Makinsey Drake, Staff Writer September 29, 2021

Today marks day 575 of 2012 West graduate Trevor Shukers' sobriety. After six years of drug abuse and struggling with mental illness, Shukers decided to get clean not only for himself but for his family....

Frank Mortimer, a certified beekeeper in New Jersey, stands smiling next to a Cornell University sign where he teaches a beekeeping course. Photo by: Sofie Mortimer 

From Pathfinder to pollinator, alumnus Frank Mortimer publishes new book

Ulaa Kuziez, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

Spending time in the beehive is a peaceful experience for 1984 alumnus Frank Mortimer. As he holds a frame with nearly 400 bees on it, he can smell the honey, touch the wax and feel the fuzz on the bees’...

Standing on the practice field after an intense scrimmage, new football coach Mario Patton is adjusting to the new playing style at West. Patton energizes the team everyday with his personality. “ I want our kids to think of me as one of the most passionate coaches that they have been around, also someone who truly cares about the best interests of kids,” Patton said. “When it is business time I think the kids know the difference.”

New football coach and alumnus Mario Patton, despite strict COVID-19 rules, still makes connections with athletes

Tre Bell, Staff writer September 18, 2020

Handing off his knowledge to football athletes, coach Mario Patton is the new running back coach. Patton has coached for 16 years, but this year is more meaningful than others. “I had an opportunity...

Putting his arms up to strike the batter out, alumnus Trevor Dannegger makes the call behind home plate. Dannegger started officiating minor league baseball games in 2016, along with being a substitute teacher in his time off. “I try to stand out in both roles,” Dannegger said. “Whether it be asking a teacher to continue their lesson instead of showing a video or going out of my way to help players on the field.”

Substitute teacher and professional umpire: alumnus Trevor Dannegger’s journey from education to officiating baseball games

Drew Boone, Staff Writer May 11, 2020

Spending the long hot summer days calling balls and strikes on the baseball field, and working with students in the classroom during the winter, alumnus Trevor Dannegger works to fulfill his dreams on...

Standing at the top of the hill, alumnus James Forsen smiles for the camera. Forsen has not been treating COVID-19 patients, but it is likely that more health professionals will be needed on the front lines. “I think everybody is stepping up to their roles. I cannot say I have been on the front lines, so this week, I may be and probably will be,” Forsen said. “So far, I haven’t spent time in the emergency room, and I have not spent time in the ICUs. That’ll probably change this week [because] I think everybody realizes there is a risk to it.”

Alumnus Dr. James Forsen prepares to battle COVID-19

Ridwan Oyebamiji, Features Editor May 6, 2020

As the magnitude of COVID-19 increases, alumnus Dr. James Forsen prepares, as many other healthcare professionals have, to battle a global pandemic. From a young age, Forsen knew he wanted to be a doctor....

Beginning his private chef business, alumnus Andrew Peterson decided to create a website to promote. Although the website makes marketing easier, Peterson has noticed that his business has been primarily popularized due to word of mouth. “Just over winter break, I did a dinner for a buddy, and his dad is a photographer, so he took a bunch of pictures for my website,” Peterson said. “It is really just peoples word. It is like when you’re going to Amazon, and you see that one of the things has one five star review, but then another one has four hundred 4 star reviews. It is the same deal. [The food] is only as good as the people that are reviewing your food says it is.”

Alumnus Andrew Peterson begins new business as a private chef

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer February 28, 2020

At just six years old, 2016 alumnus Andrew Peterson remembers sitting on his kitchen counter cutting vegetables because he was too small to see over the countertop.  "We all helped cook and enjoyed...

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