We’re Really Clef-er: April Fools Playlist

We love holiday music. Valentine’s day, Christmas, Hanukkah; you name it and we have probably could sing a dozen songs back to you for that holiday.

April Fools is no exception. With a wide range of songs, from “Fool” by Shakira, to “Fool” by Various artists-Shakira Tribute, there’s something for everyone on this playlist.

Our favorite track is “Fool (Made Famous by Shakira)” by Icons of Latin Pop. With a deep, moving bass line and lyrics that actually mean something, this song has been stuck in my head for days.

When Ashley Spillman, a yearbook student in our hour, suggested we make an April Fools playlist, I had no idea what in the world we could possibly make that would live up to the wonder of this holiday. Yet as soon as we finished the playlist, rounding it off with a final song by Studio 99, “Fool,” I knew that we had done it. We created an almost perfect playlist.

However, some tracks are less perfect than others. “Fool” by Shakira sometimes lacks some of the luster in vocals and musical composition that other songs on the playlist such as “Fool (Karaoke Version) [in the style of Shakira]” presents. Regardless, the playlist’s general effect stays in tact.

Justin and I disagree on a lot of things (just look at the pop playlist we made and you will see what I mean). We do agree, however, that this playlist is our best playlist yet. Tweet us at @danifPWESTPUB and/or @justincPWESTPUB and let us know your thoughts.