We’re Really Clef-er; Valentine’s Day playlists for all

Tired of all the love being thrown in your face? Bored of people assuming you care whether you are single or not? This playlist is for you. There are lots of different types of single people on Valentine’s Day, ranging from the broken hearted to those who are perfectly content with their single life, so we have a range of songs on this playlist. There are the classic angst-ridden songs like Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” and the empowering songs like Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and “Feeling Okay” by Best Coast. Whatever you are looking for on this lonely Valentine’s Day, listen to this playlist to find it.

It is finally here, the day that you have been planning for a month, lest your significant other be disappointed.You got the roses, you got the chocolate, now you just need the perfect playlist to serenade them. Look no further! On this couples playlist there are old-timey love songs, like The Cure’s “I Melt With You” and “When I’m Sixty-Four” by the Beatles, as well as some more modern songs like “Pretty Girl” by Hayley Kiyoko and “in my miNd” by Maty Noyes. My personal favorite is “A Thousand Years” by the Piano Guys, because it is a new twist on the somewhat overused Christina Aguilera classic. Take a break from the same old boring love playlists and sing to your sweetheart with this couples playlist.