We’re Really Clef-er: Homecoming playlists for all


Emily Dickson

Juniors Emily Dickson and Grant Aden pose for a photo after Aden asked Dickson to homecoming.

In lieu of homecoming, the two of us have decided to make two playlists of polar nature: one to get pumped to go to homecoming and the other to wallow in sadness or (in my case) play Super Smash Bros across various platforms with friends. If you wish to see the wallowing-in-sadness playlist, read the lower piece.

Pump Up for Homecoming

Listening to this playlist was a difficult task for me for two reasons: 1) I’m not going to homecoming so I felt no obligation to ‘get pumped’, and 2) I can’t stand FloRida. Whatever my feelings are about FloRida, this playlist is the perfect backdrop for getting ready for homecoming.

While my plans do include playing assorted versions of Super Smash Bros with friends, there really is nothing quite like a playlist to get you pumped up. The array of music across multiple genres (including music from The Fratellis, Nirvana and The Royal Concept) really does the job with getting hyped for whatever your night may hold. Even with visions of Kevin James and a Gorilla lip-syncing racing through my brain, I was able to get pumped up.

Whether your jam is the classic Bon Jovi song “You Give Love a Bad Name” (shoutout to all the “How I Met Your Mother” fans out there) to newer songs like “Gravel to Tempo”, the playlist has something for everyone.


Wallowing in Sadness Instead of Homecoming

Don’t get me wrong, homecoming can be great. If you get a group of people together, or have a date, the night can be amazing and magical. Unfortunately, it can also end up being a bunch of sweaty teenagers in a sweltering gym trying not to embarrass themselves in front of the entire school. It’s mostly the latter.

Personally, I’m pumped for the night, especially dinner beforehand, but if you’re like Justin and are ‘cynical of all things homecoming,’ this playlist is for you. Just listening to it I pictured myself holed up in a basement playing video games instead of dancing to “Fergalicious”.

This singles playlist isn’t necessarily something that I could sit in a dark corner and cry to, but it’s definitely a downer. So if you would rather wallow in your own sadness and despair than go to a high school dance, this playlist is for you.

Whatever you’re doing homecoming night, and whatever playlist you decide to listen to, stay safe and have fun.