Unisex lookbook


Leigh Ann Barnett

Priest and McCauliffe demonstrate looks that are easy to create for any gender’s wardrobe.

From the fashion houses in New York to everyday wear, unisex clothing has made its way back into the fashion scene. We tried to incorporate pieces that look good on both the male and female body types such as sweaters, jeans and t-shirts. Unisex clothing is built for the male body, but comes in smaller sizes for the female form. The looks presented are items found in sophomore Tim Mcauliffe and Kristin Priest’s closets.


Night out:

Everyone has to take a break from their Netflix binge eventually, right? You could take a night out with your friends, go see a movie or see that cool band that’s coming to town. So why not wear an outfit that has a bit more interest than your everyday clothes?

We threw ours together with a cool band-tee that we tied on Priest and kept loose on Mcauliffe. Nothing goes better with a band-tee than denim skinny jeans, so we paired those with the rocker tee and a belt to add a statement piece to the look. Converse and Adidas are another easily accessible item that goes with absolutely anything. A black bomber jacket is all the rage these days and that’s one of the reasons we picked it for this outfit. With the weather getting colder everyday (or maybe every other, thanks Missouri) It’s important to keep as warm as possible to and from your destination. For an accessory, Priest wore a choker around her neck.

Band-tee: Forever21, Topman and Urban Outfitters.
Bomber: Forever21 and H&M
Accessories: Choker
Shoes: Adidas and Converse


If you’re on a grocery run for your family or doing some light shopping at the mall, you need a cute and simple outfit to get you by. Nothing is more stylish than a turtleneck and nothing is more comfortable than a sweatshirt. We choose these yellow tops for both Mcauliffe and Priest to wear with this outfit because of the simple stylish effect the pieces have. Since the winter weather can get rather cold, even though both Mcauliffe and Priest are wearing heavier tops, we still wanted to pair a denim jacket with their look to keep them warm and fashionable at the same time. To piggyback on the denim on denim trend that has been growing in popularity over the past year, both Mcauliffe and Priest kept on their jeans from the outfit before. froIn case of cold we put both Mcauliffe and Priest wear a pair of boots; Mcauliffe’s are a nice pair of brown boots that he got from Nordstrom while Priest wears her beloved Chelsea heels.

Yellow Top: Forever 21 and Boohoo
Denim Jacket: Forever 21, Topman and Express
Boots: Forever 21, Forever 21 and Nordstrom

Vintage Inspired:

Both Mcauliffe and Priest are avid thrift shoppers, and are constantly looking for a good vintage find. After all, there is nothing like the thrill of finding an over-sized Tommy Hilfiger sweater for $4 at Savers! This look is perfect for that semi-casual lunch, coffee with a friend or fondue with your family. Regardless, this look is comfortable, eclectic and an all around cool vintage look. To achieve these vintage vibes, you will need a pair of blue jeans and an oversized sweater. Priest coordinates the pants with a black and white turtle neck. The structure of the sweater adds a layer of cool girl versatility to the outfit, very much something your fashionable grandma from the 80s would wear. A baggy oversized sweater is a staple in any wardrobe, because it adds a undone effortless edge to your outfit. Very messy, yet chic. This coincides with Mcauliffe’s vintage striped sweater, and his look pays homage to the dads of the 80s. Their looks definitely have a vintage look that is coming into style again due to the influx of media stars rocking these looks. Both Mcauliffe and Priest rock a pair of Converse All Star sneakers, once again bringing back classic retro vibes.

Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21 and Forever 21
Hat: H&M

Clothing is all about feeling your best and being comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing but style pushes us to try new things and give statement pieces a chance. Rock your style and make it you!