Cheap, easy and stylish looks for Halloween

On Oct. 31, everyone always want to be prepped with an Instagram approved costume. Halloween grants us a time to dress up and become another persona, yet many high schoolers are rushed for time and low on funds. Searching for a Halloween costume that is unique and reasonable in price is a task in itself. However, Halloween doesn’t have to be a time of stress and worry because there are many articles of clothing hidden in your closet, awaiting a future as a cute and easy Halloween costume. Our lookbook has four different costumes and all the pieces came from each of our closets, with no spending needed. Check out the links to the clothes showcased, raid your closet for possible costume pieces and enjoy your Halloween!

Eleven from Stranger Things

With the help of social media, the cinematic and artistic perfection of the Netflix original series, “Stranger Things” has reached a deserved level of popularity. The show pays homage to many 80s trends through music and costuming, but the stand out character of the show, “Eleven” demonstrates a unique and very simplistic styling. “Eleven” is far too busy saving her friends from alien species to worry about the typical trends of the 80s like turtleneck Tommy Hilfiger sweaters and high-waisted jeans. Thus, “Eleven’s” style is much more mismatched and juvenile than the other characters in the show, yet it has a defining and unique feel that adds another level of mystery to her character.

The costuming of “Eleven” is very simplistic and can be achieved with just a few articles of clothing, so it’s ideal for any of those cheap and lazy high school students. All you need is a collared shirt, a pink dress and oversized jacket.

Typically “Eleven” sports a unique and almost high-fashion style buzz cut, but later on in the show, a blonde wig is added for her to feel more included in the all-American town of Hawkins, Indiana. It’s quite convenient that I have a similar haircut to “Eleven,” so I curled it with a one-inch curling wand and sprayed some texturing hair spray through my roots. If you are graced with hair of the darker variety, it may be easier to go the wig route, if you still want be accurate to the character’s costume. Or if you want to become “Eleven” entirely, go ahead and shave your head and be her year round. Androgynous looks are very chic these days, so go out there and set some trends!

Eleven has the power of telekinesis, and because she constantly finds herself in trouble, she has to use here meta-human powers all the time. Unfortunately, Eleven’s powers drain her and make her nose bleed, and her bleeding nose is one of her most iconic characteristics. You could easily use fake blood, yet it tends to be very watery and can easily make a mess. And unless you want to be a covered in sticky fake blood all Halloween, I recommend using a thicker substance. For my look, I used a red liquid lipstick. The formulation of the lipstick is very smooth and doesn’t dry all gross and cakey, so you can easily dab the lipstick under your nose and pull off an easy and slightly spooky nosebleed.

On the show “Eleven” wore a pink dress with ruching across the chest, yet any dress that is light pink will be fine. I got mine on sale from T.J. Maxx, but any dress that is relatively simple and a more pastel hue of pink will be fine. She also wears a Peter Pan collared shirt, but a regular white button down is fine. Especially since Peter Pan collared shirts are impossible to find, unless you stalk every thrift store in St. Louis on the daily. 

Snapchat Filtersf2

Don’t own any butterfly clips? They are very simple to DIY; you only need yellow cardstock, gold ribbon, bobby pins and hot glue. Cut out each yellow butterfly to the size of your liking, and then place a bobby pin in the center of the butterfly. Lastly, create an eight with the gold ribbon and hot glue it to the center of the butterfly. It takes around five minutes to complete three clips.  

Kristin Priest

Nina, Black Swan

We all wish we could be as flawless at Natalie Portman in the hit 2010 drama, “Black Swan” Luckily, Nina’s iconic Odille costume is very easy to achieve with just a few articles of clothing.


Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones: all iconic rock bands in which each member had a particular take on ‘rocker style’. Think lots of leather, reds, blacks, ripped jeans and t-shirts that should have been thrown aways three years prior. They have the nitty-gritty rolled out of bed look down, and you could accomplish it easily for Halloween. Living on a tour bus for six months isn’t even necessary!     We recommend A cool rocker band tee that can give off a ‘cooler than you’ vibe, but if you want to try something a little less predictable, feel free to go with a black shirt that has a little something extra.