Week of April 18-22

April 22, 2016


Interstate Studio 46914

On Tuesday, freshman took the PSAT for the first time. Sophomores also took the PSAT and juniors took the ACT. Grades nine through eleven were given an early dismissal after their testing. [Claire Smout, 9]

On Thursday, acclaimed 80’s singer and songwriter¬†Prince passed away at age fifty-seven. [Peyton Gaskill, 10]

Seniors had their “Senior Day” on Tuesday. Students celebrated by leaving their mark on the Class of 2016 hand wall, catching¬†pancakes tossed to them for breakfast in the cafeteria, and then spent the rest of the day at six flags. [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

Justin Bieber came to the Scottrade center on Tuesday night and several west students attended his concert. [Maddie Cooke, 10]

Varsity girls soccer won the Longhorn Classic tournament. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

Freshman Bella Hatzigeorgiou was named MVP Varsity soccer player on Tuesday after scoring three goals in a row. [Bridget Noonan, 9]

Jimmy Johns sold $1 subs on Thursday for Customer Appreciation Day. Several students went to get sandwiches and waited in lines up to thirty minutes long. [Kjell Hagen, 11]

On Friday, students in the Beta Chi Pi club sold Ted Drews at lunch for $3 to raise money. [Haley Tiepleman, 10]

Friday was Earth day and Gwenn Pietrowski and Mary Galkowski went to Castlewood State Park. [Megan Barton, 12]

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