Students offer strategy for the upcoming Blues season

Regular season success; Postseason disaster


Hasan Baig

Wearing Blues apparel to show support for his favorite hockey team, junior Tyler Hannegan poses excitedly.

During the 2014-2015 season, the Blues finished the season with a record of 51-24-7 and finished first place in the Central division: one of the best records in the NHL during the regular season.

“I thought they had a good chance on making it to the Stanley Cup since they were the Central Division champions,” junior Tyler Hannegan said.

With the second best record in the Western Conference, the team faced the wildcard spot-holder Minnesota Wild, game 1 being played on Apr. 16.

“I was confident that the Blues were going to advance to the second round since it was the Minnesota Wild they were playing and they did not have as good a season as the Blues,” Hannegan said.

However, the previous season’s outcome was not what Blues fans like Hannegan had expected. The Blues ended up losing the seven game series in game six.

“It’s very disappointing when the Blues get into the postseason and can’t continue to be as consistent as they were during the regular season,” senior Collin Basler said. “The Blues need to show more heart, effort and determination because other successful teams are able to use that to play harder and more physical than they do.”

Senior Caroline Bias says that the Blues need to change the way they approach the playoffs in order to win the Stanley Cup.

“The Blues will not be winning a Stanley Cup anytime soon with how they’ve been performing during the postseason,” Bias said. “If they want to be successful they need to not choke and continue to play the same hockey as they were in the regular season during the postseason.”
Currently, the St. Louis Blues have a record of 16-8-4 and are ranked second in the Central Division, currently trailing the Dallas Stars. Their next home game is Thursday, Dec. 10 against the Philadelphia Flyers.