March Madness


Brent Axe

Kentucky trying to finish off their flawless season and take home a National Championship.

March Madness has rolled around and it is down to the final four teams. Wisconsin vs. Kentucky and Michigan State vs. Duke are both playing on April 4 at Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“Every year around this time, my friends and I create brackets on this ESPN app, and bet on who will have the best bracket that we fill out. Usually everyone throws in $10 which totals to around $100 for the winner,” senior Cole Harris said.

Over 57 percent of brackets submitted to ESPN believe that the winner of the Wisconsin and Kentucky game will take the National Championship. The storyline of this season and tournament is the Kentucky Wildcats who have a perfect season in the line at (38-0).

“I’m going to choose Kentucky to win it all. They have several players who will be in the NBA next year so based on that and the undefeated record they have, it should be them cutting down the nets this year,” freshman Mark Sanders said.

I’m going to choose Kentucky to win it all… It should be them cutting down the nets this year,”

— Mark Sanders, 9

Louisville had an a strong run to the Elite eight  but ended up losing to the seven seed Michigan State Spartans. Michigan State is the highest seed of the remaining teams and was only picked by 7.1 percent of the country to reach the Final Four.

“I am a die hard Louisville fan so I always hope for them to win it each year. One of my best friends is a Kentucky fan so I always hope for them to do bad in the tournament, it’s unfortunate though that they have such a good team,” senior Killian Kamp said.

There are yet again no perfect brackets this year. In the history of March Madness, no one has ever picked a perfect bracket that has been documented. According to DePaul math professor Jeff Bergen, the odds of a person creating a perfect bracket is 9.2 quintillion without knowledge of basketball. However, with knowledge of basketball, it is still not in your favor with the odds being 128 billion to one.

“March Madness can be very stressful to get correct, I do not think there has ever been a perfect bracket. The upsets and close games is what always makes it so exciting to watch,” sophomore Clay Bierk said.

The coach of Duke, Mike Krzyzewski, has made it to the Final Four 12 times, tying him with UCLA coaching legend John Wooden for the most all-time.

“Being a Duke fan, you are not often disappointed with their seasons. Every year they seem to be one of the final teams fighting for the championship. With the best player in the nation on their team, Jahil Okafor, they should have a chance to win it this season as well,” junior Caleb Socha said.

“March Madness is a fun time of the year because you get to compete and have fun with your friends. Honestly any team can win any game on a given night, with money on the line it can be very stressful,” freshman Junior Lopez said.