Govenor Nixon proposes National Car Rental Field


by permission of HOK Design Firm

The South entry of the proposed National Car Rental Field.

A new nearly billion-dollar stadium proposal was announced for St. Louis to rival Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s plan to move the team to Los Angeles, CA. St. Louis fans started to believe that the Rams will not only be around for years to come, but they will be playing in one of the most extravagant stadiums in the NFL.

One problem has yet to be figured out: How will the billion dollar stadium be paid for? Throughout Missouri, citizens would be taxed 215 million dollars to pay for it. One side of the argument says, it’s not worth it to tax Missouri citizens over something that’s not necessary. The other says the stadium would benefit the city as a whole, so people should be willing to pay taxes for this.

“There is a prestige that comes with a city that has an NFL stadium. There are only 32 teams and to say that our city is lucky enough to have one is a big line on St. Louis’ resume. Most people pay for other St. Louis landmarks through their taxes, like the zoo, arch grounds, and science center. They don’t seem to complain about their necessity,” English teacher and season ticket holder Dan Barnes said.

National Car Rental has secured the naming rights to the stadium. It will be named National Car Rental Field, and the company has signed an agreement with the St. Louis Regional Sports Authority to an investment of $158 million for over 20 years; An average annual payout of $7.9 million to pay for the stadium.

“The agreement with National Car Rental helps a lot. We now have another source to pay for the stadium and it gives me hope to know that they believe that this is a possibility,” junior Will Meyer said.

If the plan goes through, the construction will start in February 2016 and be finished by summer 2019.

The inside of the proposed National Car Rental Field.
by permission of HOK Design firm
The inside of the proposed National Car Rental Field.

“St. Louis would thrive off of a new football stadium. It would attract so many people because everyone will want to experience it. It’s a place we’ve never seen a game before. It’s a new chapter for the Rams. The team looks like it is turning around, and this stadium would be perfect timing,” senior Jordan Neisler said.

  The stadium is  designed to hold 64,000 people. There will be 10,439 parking spots on the 90-acre, riverfront property. It will have a wall of public art, a brew pub, 30-foot wide observation deck, rainwater gardens and glass-and-steel shades that extend over the top of the stadium.

“I love how it will be in the heart of St. Louis and that it’s right on the river. It would make the skyline look even more amazing,” Meyer said. “Also, there’s a good chance that a Super Bowl would be held here. That would be so great for this city.”

According to ESPN, the Rams fan base is ranked at number 26. Forty-eight percent of fans in the market have watched, attended or listened to the game in the 2014 season.

“The fan base will definitely grow if this stadium is built. People love new and shiny things. The key will be taking the positive growth the Rams have made over the last few years and continuing to put a formidable team on the field of the new stadium,” Barnes said.