Students react to the Taveras Tragedy

Sunday, Oct. 26, 22-year-old Cardinals Outfielder Oscar Taveras died in a car crash near his home town of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

“I was devastated hearing the death of Oscar Taveras in the news. He was such a talented player and it’s sad to see someone so young and talented died with such short notice,” junior Ally Guccione said.

Accompanying Taveras was his 18-year-old girlfriend, Ydelia Yamelis Arvelos, when suddenly Taveras lost control of the car and crashed. He died later in the hospital due to his injuries. Reports show that the Dominican Republic had heavy rainfall the previous couple days, possibly resulting in the crash.

“The roads in the area I heard weren’t the best, I don’t think we will ever know what really happened. All we can do is remember the type of player he was in his short career with the Cardinals,” junior Evan Shukers said.

Taveras grew up in the Dominican Republic where he was signed by the Cardinals at the age of 16. Taveras was ranked the third best baseball prospect in the majors before being called up to an active role this season. In six minor league seasons, Taveras was a .320 hitter and the top prospect in the Cardinals Organization.

“Taveras could have been a great player for the organization, some said he could have been the next Albert Pujols. I believe he had that chance to definitely mark his name in the organization,” sophomore Andrew Schmidt said.

In Taveras’s debut on May 31, he hit a home run in his first at bat against the San Francisco Giants.

“I feel like just the other day we were all talking about how amazing it was that he hit a homer in his first at bat. Its truly a tragedy for our city and the entire league,” senior Taylor McNeal said.

In his last at bat at Cardinals stadium in the NLCS against the Giants, he also hit a home run.

Thousands of people have attended Tavares’s funeral in the Dominican Republic. Manager Mike Matheny, second baseman Matt Carpenter, and pitcher Carlos Martinez were among those from the team in attendance.