Missouri’s presidential primary is Tuesday, March 10–here’s everything you need to know

Signs proclaiming “VOTE!” are illustrated against a blue background, a call to action heading towards the Missouri primary election Tuesday, March 10.

Sabrina Bohn, Managing Editor-in-Chief

March 9, 2020

The general election in November is quickly approaching as we make our way through primary season. This Tuesday, March 10, Missouri will have its primary, deciding which candidate will receive the state’s delegates.  More than ever, politicians are focusing on gaining favor with young people...

Student activists to host voter registration event

Hanging a flier on a locker, junior Sabrina Bohn raises awareness for the upcoming voter registration event Sept. 18. The campaign seeks to increase youth voter turnout ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Tyler Kinzy, Sports Editor

September 14, 2018

Students who are at least 17 1/2 years old will receive the opportunity to become more politically active Tuesday, Sept 18. when Parkway West is scheduled to hold a voter registration drive. As the midterm elections Nov. 6 near, voter turnout rates remain lower among 18-to-29-year-old voters than...

Voter turnout sees extreme highs and lows

Voter turnout sees extreme highs and lows

Justin Cupps, Staff Writer

March 15, 2016

Compared to other countries, we are terrible in that that we do not have everyone participating, and voting is truly the center of democracy.

Students talk about E-Cigs at school

Jacob Cupps, Staff Writer

September 5, 2014

Students discuss the vote to ban e-cigs.

Parkway teachers and staff take part in an intruder training program

Hannah Hoffmann, Staff Writer

August 29, 2014

The staff and administration share stories from intruder training on Aug. 7 and discuss Parkway's future security propositions.

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