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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


“Me and a fellow freshman, Jaswitha Tummala, have both been really interested in [starting] Science Olympiad [this year]. [I] did science bowl for all three years in middle school, and last year I led my team to Nationals [as] the captain. I know that all the other schools have enough interest in this subject to host full Science Olympiad teams [with around] 15 people. I didnt think [students at] West had [a lot of] interest, [but] we have almost 30 people ready to form two teams. We’re going to dip our toes in this year and see how things [will] run, and how many people are committed. Next year, after we [have] figured out those logistics, I was thinking about [hosting] a science bowl [which is when] a team with four people plus one alternate person, gets seven seconds to answer a toss-up question related to either Physics, Biology, Math, Chemistry or Energy. If [they] get it right, [the] whole team answers a bonus question. The team with the most points at the end wins the round. Its head-to-head, and there are a lot of heated rounds where two teams have to fight out their buzzes within milliseconds. Im super excited to start [a club] that can make a lasting impact on student lives, especially those who have a passion for [science], like I do.” - Alisha Yin, 9

Alisha Yin

Sravya Reddy Guda, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

“One of my hobbies is sewing. I love to sew, and I got into it in eighth grade when I took a class in middle school. We made a stuffed animal and a duffel bag, and I thought it was so cool. Ive been sewing different things such as clothes, quilts and redoing vintage clothes ever since. I have only taught science, although I taught [ in fourth grade] summer school for about five years with my mom and aunt. My most memorable moments are my most fun [ones]. What makes them memorable is when we have Homecoming weeks and dress-up days. I love having an excuse to dress up like a total moron, and I love making up costumes. I have an entire rack of costume stuff like Halloween costumes, so I love that. Being a science teacher here was my first job, and Ive been here ever since. Ive been teaching at West throughout, but I will eventually retire [from my current role].” - Colleen O’Toole, Science

Colleen O’Toole, science

Nikhita Cherukuri, CJ1 Writer December 6, 2023

Science teacher Chloe Gallaher smiles at the camera while standing in her classroom.

Flashback Friday: Science teacher Chloe Gallaher

Sakenah Lajkem, Staff Writer November 3, 2023

What school did you go to? I started school in Southeast Missouri. I started kindergarten in Sikeston, Mo., and then I moved to Hayti, Mo. and was there until fourth grade. Then I moved to Arcadia Valley,...

Science teacher Amy Van Matre-Woodward stands in her classroom and smiles at the camera.

From molecules to maritozzi

Allison Rueschhoff, CJ1 Writer May 26, 2023

With the fresh aroma of sesame seed bagels wafting through the kitchen air, science teacher Amy Van Matre-Woodward wakes up early Saturday morning to bake for her family. Outside of her teaching career,...

“[This year] has gone extremely well. While there have been times that Ive been a little bit overwhelmed with trying to figure out my pacing, with the curriculum, Im really happy with how much weve accomplished this year. I am extremely excited [to come back] because I will know what the students are like, and Im just excited to see my current students again in the halls next year. I have the same worries [for next year]. Am I reaching all of the students? Am I helping them the best that I can? Those are my constant worries as an educator and theyll continue to be my worries going forward.” - Stephanie Robert, Science

Stephanie Robert, science

Mia Meert, CJ1 Writer April 27, 2023

During an experiment in his honors Force and Motion class, freshman Jacksen McNeal pushes the car across the table. Physics teacher Amy Van Matre-Woodward taught how to calculate velocity and used toy cars as practice for students. “I enjoyed this activity because it was a [creative] way to practice finding velocity. I [also] just liked playing with the cars,” McNeal said.

Photo of the Week – Jan. 21

Elle Rotter, Awards Coordinator January 21, 2022

Science teacher Paul Hage points to his Smartboard in the middle of a lecture. Hage feels that topics in the subject that he teaches, specifically in his biology classes, have become increasingly relevant in recent years during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think that science can be really relevant. Different people might have different opinions [about science],” Hage said.

Behind the Biases

Leah Schroeder, Managing Editor in Chief January 5, 2022

American politics have rarely been as contentious as they are today; the mere mention of a political sway can sound alarms for many. However, for some individuals, the restrictions surrounding the discussion...

Lighting a potato chip on fire, junior Ulaa Kuziez completes a lab at home for Chemistry eLearning. Through combustion, students were able to measure temperature changes of different foods to determine their energy. “Completing the experiment at home was different than at school, but it was fun to create my own set up for the experiment,” Kuziez said.

Photo of the week – April 20

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer April 24, 2020

Examining capsules to observe if their DNA was synthesized, sophomores Jameson Mullaney and Alex Spangler react to their results. Honors biology students combined their saliva with dish soap in order to extract their DNA. “We kind of messed up our experiment; we accidentally put too much soap, so it didn’t really work,” Spangler said. “We were kind of upset with ourselves, but were able to laugh it off. It was a really fun experiment.”

Photo of the week – Jan. 31

Susie Seidel, Convergence Media Editor January 31, 2020

After winning their competition, seniors Jason Yang and Ben Goff stand outside the venue, holding their trophy. The competition lasted for three days from Sept. 13 to Sept. 15. “This was an amazing experience, and I am glad we were able to compete,” Goff said. “I just like being able to come up with unique ideas and being able to design a robot and put them to test and see which ideas worked and which ones didn’t.”

Robotics and Soccer: how two students qualified for the world championship

Jacob Stanton, Staff Writer November 18, 2019

Hearts pounding, seniors Jason Yang and Ben Goff step up to compete during the National Robotics Competition in California. However, this was not just any robotics competition–it was a sports competition....

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