Lighting a potato chip on fire, junior Ulaa Kuziez completes a lab at home for Chemistry eLearning. Through combustion, students were able to measure temperature changes of different foods to determine their energy. “Completing the experiment at home was different than at school, but it was fun to create my own set up for the experiment,” Kuziez said.

Photo of the week – April 20

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer April 24, 2020

Examining capsules to observe if their DNA was synthesized, sophomores Jameson Mullaney and Alex Spangler react to their results. Honors biology students combined their saliva with dish soap in order to extract their DNA. “We kind of messed up our experiment; we accidentally put too much soap, so it didn’t really work,” Spangler said. “We were kind of upset with ourselves, but were able to laugh it off. It was a really fun experiment.”

Photo of the week – Jan. 31

Susie Seidel, Convergence Media Editor January 31, 2020

After winning their competition, seniors Jason Yang and Ben Goff stand outside the venue, holding their trophy. The competition lasted for three days from Sept. 13 to Sept. 15. “This was an amazing experience, and I am glad we were able to compete,” Goff said. “I just like being able to come up with unique ideas and being able to design a robot and put them to test and see which ideas worked and which ones didn’t.”

Robotics and Soccer: how two students qualified for the world championship

Jacob Stanton, Staff Writer November 18, 2019

Hearts pounding, seniors Jason Yang and Ben Goff step up to compete during the National Robotics Competition in California. However, this was not just any robotics competition–it was a sports competition....

Feeding a live mouse to snake Tupac Tuba Gilbert Scott the Seventh, junior Nev Hill snatches a front-row view as classmates crowd around to watch the spectacle unfold. It is strongly suggested for students in Zoology, a course taught by science teacher Amy Cohen (not pictured), to own or co-own a pet. “[People who are scared] should just meet my snake because she’s really sweet. I think they just need to get over the initial fear factor and just realize that they’re really sweet animals [that] aren’t going to hurt anybody,” Hill said. “[My snake] is cute, and she is just there. She has never bitten anyone [and] never would bite anybody. She just sits there and wants to cuddle and be warm around your neck or your hand.”

Photo of the week – Oct. 14

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer October 17, 2019

Junior Lauren Beard reads weather pattern graphs after attending an Earth Sciences camp this summer. At the camp, Beard explored her passion for meteorology with students from all over the United States. “[I] thought it was a great opportunity to see if this is something that I’m really interested in,

Earth Sciences camp inspires junior Lauren Beard to pursue Meteorology

Maria Newton, Features Editor September 5, 2018

Junior Lauren Beard visited an atmospheric and Earth sciences camp at the University of Wisconsin (UW) over the summer to further her knowledge of meteorology. “I’ve just found myself drawn to [meteorology],”...

Sophomore Hasan Rizvi poses before ziplining. “It was a lot of fun hanging out with my friends outside of the country and seeing my teachers outside the classroom,” Rizvi said.

Science department explores wildlife in Costa Rica

Gabby Leon, Staff Writer May 21, 2018

Through the science department, 24 students and four teachers traveled to Costa Rica for six days to study the various ecosystems. “We moved around a lot, but we had three main areas that we did some...

Typing on her laptop, Shah looks over the work she has done. Her research surrounds ophthalmology, and she has worked with graduate students studying the effect of the eclipse on retinas. “I got involved because my dad got me in contact with a few people, but then I reached out to more people at [Washington University] to see if I could help them work,” Shah said.

Sophomore Anjali Shah follows her passion for STEM through research projects

Sabrina Bohn , Managing EiC Intern March 5, 2018

While most students dread the thought of writing a research paper, sophomore Anjali Shah got a head start on her future last fall by writing a textbook passage about ophthalmology and an informational...

“WUSTL has an amazing lab, and I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity to use and research in it,” senior Nick Bateman said.

Nick Bateman’s research at WUSTL

Maddie Cooke, Staff Writer September 12, 2017

While other students are busy cramming their AP government packets and Gatsby reading over summer break, senior Nick Bateman was researching TAU proteins and Alzheimer's disease at the labs in Washington...

Plastic and glass waste from humans pose threats to marine life if left on beaches.

The St. Louis Zoo offers an ocean conservation conference

Carly Anderson, Staff Writer February 7, 2017

For the first time, the St. Louis Zoo will be offering a Youth Ocean Conservation Summit (YOCS) to all students in grades six to 12 from Feb. 10-12. The goal of the program is to stimulate interest among...

Fat Louie enjoys carrying McBride's highlighter around the classroom.

Meet the animals

Sydney Kinzy October 19, 2016

When walking into the zoology classroom, the first thing you may spot might be Louie the hamster scampering across the black lab tables to grab his owner Duncan McBride’s neon pink highlighter between...

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