A cookie of many kinds: Ranking the best and worst Oreo variations

Out of every Oreo flavor ever created, I tried the first 12 I found at my local Walmart, all for you. Here's how it went.

Michael Lolley, Staff Writer

January 29, 2020

We’ve all had Oreos, whether they’re original, vanilla or holiday-themed. Oreos are a treat that have made their way into many homes since being introduced in 1912. The flavors you see in your local grocery store are just a few of the hundreds Oreo has made in its history.  Despite many great flavors and varia...

New vending machines spark controversy

A student holds up two cans of the popular beverage.

Kathryn McAuliffe, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief Intern

October 7, 2019

With school back in session, students are in search of snacks. The familiar vending machines are now replaced with sleek machines stocked with Pepsi products, including Mountain Dew Kickstart.  This change occurred over the summer when Parkway–as required on a regular basis–requested beverage ven...

Top 5 unconventional vegan restaurants in St. Louis

Enjoying the sun on the outdoor patio at Lulu’s Local Eatery, senior Quinn Berry enjoys a vegan kale salad.

Carly Anderson, Conceptual Editor-in-Chief

September 3, 2019

Living in the midwest, it’s easy to assume that vegetarian or vegan food is hard to come by, and if you do find any, it’s going to be expensive. Luckily, for all you pessimists out there, that is not the case. Below I have ranked my top “off-the-beaten-path” vegan and vegetarian restaurants for ...

Five warming winter activities

Staff writer Maria Newton enjoys sushi at Wasabi Sushi Bar. Wasabi’s menu features options from California Rolls to Teriyaki Chicken and has been voted St. Louis’s best sushi by Sauce Magazine for the past 13 years. “I had no problem finishing off four sushi rolls with just a couple friends to help,” Newton said.

Maria Newton and Dani Fischer

January 31, 2018

Temperatures are dropping rapidly, school is ramping into second semester full-force, and life is beginning to get repetitive; between school, sports practice and work, it is the same thing every day. Sometimes, this means that you spend weekends alone at home, snuggled under layers of blankets in...

Parkway curbs students of food parties with new Food Safety Protocol

Photo illustration of a student with peanut allergies growing concerned about the PB&J sandwich

Sydney Kinzy

August 29, 2016

From Halloween parties in elementary schools to the post-test food potlucks at high schools, food has become a staple in schools. Outside of lunch, students have brought snacks to school and enjoyed “food parties” in class. However, Parkway’s new Food Safety Protocol may soon change that. “Due...

Food for the Trail

MREs and the Mountain House brand meal replacement are just two examples of food for the trail.

Peyton Gaskill, Staff Writer

May 11, 2016

When you’re carrying all your food on your back, every ounce counts. Luckily, there are a variety of lightweight meal solutions out there; three options include: dehydrated meals, homemade meals and Meal Ready to Eats (MREs).

Taking a stroll to Bassett Street Brunch Club

Taking a stroll to Bassett Street Brunch Club

Emma Ratliff, Sports Editor/ Staff Writer

March 31, 2016

All the way in Madison, Wisconsin, Emma and Kyla tried out the local restaurants, and the Bassett Street Brunch Club stood out above the rest.

The optimal human diet

The optimal human diet

Samantha Gaddis, Staff Writer

March 28, 2016

A lifestyle that feeds the hungry, saves the planet, prevents cancer and saves the lives of 56 billion animals—annually.

What’s up with Wasabi

What's up with Wasabi

Kyla Hatton, Sports Editor/Staff Writer

February 29, 2016

We try Wasabi, located in Town and Country Crossing, for a fun night of sushi and friends.

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