A cookie of many kinds: Ranking the best and worst Oreo variations


Emma Caplinger

Out of every Oreo flavor ever created, I tried the first 12 I found at my local Walmart, all for you. Here’s how it went.

We’ve all had Oreos, whether they’re original, vanilla or holiday-themed. Oreos are a treat that have made their way into many homes since being introduced in 1912. The flavors you see in your local grocery store are just a few of the hundreds Oreo has made in its history. 

Despite many great flavors and variations, some ideas in the past have not been that great. Some, like the Birthday Cake flavor, have just been plain disgusting. Seriously, whoever came up with that idea should be fired. You probably have heard of the everyday flavors, but I traveled far and wide (to the Walmart five minutes from my house) to find all the new and exotic variations Oreo has to offer. Below you will find my ranking of the Top 12 Oreos from my least favorite to the best on the market.

12. Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake was definitely the worst Oreo I’ve ever tasted. I only ate half of one and spit it right back out. It was so sweet that I couldn’t stand the taste. This cookie deserves to be considered the worst cookie of all time. Save this one for your worst enemies.

11. Latte

The Latte flavored cookie was honestly so gross. It smelled and tasted like a cheap cup of coffee. I imagine that if this cookie was an actual coffee drink, it would taste worse than eating straight coffee grounds.

10. Lemon

This one tasted like one of those cookies your grandma would have in her house, and you only eat it to make her feel good. The only reason I think it’s better than Latte is because it reminds me somewhat of my grandma when I taste it, and I love my grandma. 

9. Carrot Cake

Honestly, it could be higher up on the list, but I don’t like regular carrot cake either so this cookie didn’t taste like anything at all. To me, carrot cake itself is flavorless and just takes on the flavor of whatever icing is on top. When I ate the cookie, which had a cream cheese filling, it tasted like crunchy cream cheese. You probably could have predicted that, but if you can’t already imagine, it’s pretty gross. Even though it wasn’t very appetizing, it was a fun concept and I would recommend it to whoever actually likes carrot cake. If you’re out there, and you really exist, this cookie was made for you! 

8. Pistachio

Pistachio was one of the most interesting flavor ideas I have ever seen. The cookie’s filling claimed to be pistachio flavored but really did not taste like anything at all. If you feel like taking a risk, go out and buy a whole box of these and see what you think. No really, it’s not that bad I swear!

7. Peanut Butter

It actually was just peanut butter in between two chocolate cookies. I expected something different, like a peanut butter flavor. I liked the taste of peanut butter and chocolate, but the consistency of it was really bad because of the stickiness of the peanut butter mixed with the dryness of the cookie. If you plan on trying this one, keep a gallon or two of milk on hand for dipping. 

6. Fudge Covered Original

The Fudge Covered Original Cookie was a great concept, but the fudge really did overpower everything else, and the cookie ended up just tasting like crunchy fudge. While not necessarily a bad thing, I was going for an Oreo cookie and ended up with a ball of chocolate. To each their own?

5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Now we’re getting down to business. These next Oreos are the top five of the whole bunch, and what better to start off with than one of the more interesting and controversial flavors on the list. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie had so many flavors mixed together it was really hard to understand what was going on. It had a decent overall taste, but it was still a pretty weird concept to grasp. However, despite its intended flavor, the mix ended up tasting more like s’mores. This one was one of the hardest decisions to make, so I had a few more people try the cookie, and it got very mixed reactions. Although sounding like the peanut butter cookie, it actually was very different. The filling was half chocolate and half peanut butter and the actual cookie part was a graham cracker instead of a chocolate cookie. 

4. Fudge Covered Mint

In fourth place, Fudge Covered Mint was sweet and refreshing. As one of the most famous flavor combinations in the world, I can concur that the mint and chocolate really complimented each other. The mint filling mixed with the fudge really surpassed your typical chocolate cookie, but the fudge came across a bit too overpowering. Because of this, I’m ranking the plain old Mint Oreo over this one. Something I would compare this to is a Girl Scout Thin Mint because of the fudge and mint mix. It tasted almost identical to the Thin Mint but the texture was not the same. Thin mints are more of a dry cookie and the mint in the Oreo was more creamy like an Oreos filling.

3. Mint

I get it. Sometimes mint-flavored desserts can seem a bit off-putting. Isn’t it just like eating a mint? Don’t you feel like you’ve just brushed your teeth? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, I have one for you: Have you ever eaten a mint-flavored dessert? These can only be explained as one of the greatest Oreo inventions of all-time. Without the extra fudge covering the cookie, this cookie demonstrates the perfect mixture of chocolate and mint, without all the extra hubbub. If you’re a fan of York Peppermint Patties, these are the perfect snack for anyone.

2. Original

In second place, or first loser (if you want to think that way), is the Original Oreo cookie. It is just one of the best flavors they have sold. Over the past 112 years, Nabisco has perfected the flavor of the original Oreo. Along with the original, I have to give an honorable mention to Double Stuf (yes, spelled with one f) and Mega Stuf, because who doesn’t like extra filling in their Oreos? The more filling the better. I wanted to give them their own respective spots on this list, but they don’t taste any different from the original, so it didn’t feel like it was fair to take away from the other flavors. Regardless, Mega Stuf Oreos are always in my heart. 

1. Chocolate

Finally, after making your way through my thoughts and opinions about the last 11 cookies (I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but trust me on this, I ate so many Oreos for you) it is time to give you the answer for the best Oreo cookie on the market right now. This cookie was so good that between me and two other guys, we finished the whole box in less than an hour. Drum roll please…(hold for imaginary drum roll)…the Chocolate filling cookie! Out of the 12 cookies I tried, this was the best cookie that Oreo had to offer. Normally, I am not a chocolate lover, but this cookie was the perfect amount of rich chocolate. Once I took my first bite, there was no doubt in my mind this cookie would be first place, and it earned it.

If you’re feeling brave, or maybe you just casually have all of these Oreo flavors in your pantry, vote for the superior cookie down below!

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