The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


English teacher Erin Fluchel places Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five” back on her bookshelf. While some staff members were concerned it might cause legal troubles because it contains a sketch of a naked woman’s chest, the district ultimately determined it was not offensive. “Some of these pieces are really powerful, important pieces of dystopian literature that deserve to stay. I think [the book] provides students with a different perspective that kids should be able to access,” Fluchel said.

New Missouri law bans schools from providing “explicit sexual content”

Audrey Ghosh, Awards Coordinator August 30, 2022

On account of a new Missouri law, school librarians and teachers have removed certain content from the bookshelves that was previously available to students. Passed Aug. 28, Senate Bill 775 modifies state...

The influence of religion on public education discussions has grown: we have to protect the secularism of public education while remaining respectful to all groups.

Drawing the line between religion and state

Pathfinder Editorial Board March 31, 2022

As reporters of our school and community, we believe we must share and respect all student voices. Over the last year, we have covered controversial and underrepresented topics, including gender-neutral...

Dr. Tiffany Besse presents at Principal Lab Day at Halls Ferry Intermediate School in February of 2020. Besse has worked in Francis Howell, Rockwood and Pattonville before joining Parkway. “One of the things that has always been a focus in my previous districts has been how do we keep pushing for those who are ready to move forward and then how do we grab the kiddos who might need a little bit more and how do we pull them along to get them where they deserve to [be]. So that is definitely some of the work that I would like to bring here and some of the equity work here [that] is already going on,” Besse said.

A look into education with Parkway’s new deputy superintendent Tiffany Besse

Mira Nalbandian, Managing Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2022

As the school year begins to approach its end, Parkway will see several administrators step down from their roles, including Principal Jeremy Mitchell. District-level administration is no different. Next...

Seeing blue lock after blue lock can be frustrating, and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. How and why are sites being blocked, how does that affect students and what is the district’s role?

Blocked: Students respond to new Parkway policy

Pathfinder Editorial Board October 30, 2021

Watching a video on combustion analysis? Blocked. Trying to send a message to your team’s GroupMe? Blocked. Trying to use services like Flickr and Imgur to make your French presentation? Blocked. And...

Critical race theory has evolved into a threat for many, when it is really a tool we can all use to better understand our world.

Debunking Critical Race Theory

Mira Nalbandian, Managing Editor-in-Chief October 13, 2021

Any St. Louisan who has been paying even a meager amount of attention to local news this past year is familiar with many ignorant residents’ new education buzzword. Last year around this time, it was...

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander month, our editorial explores the implications of the model minority myth, the role the education system has played in perpetuating it and our responsibility to take steps in the right direction.

Unraveling the myth of the model minority

Pathfinder Editorial Board May 31, 2021

The model minority myth characterizes Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) as a successful, prosperous, intelligent monolith, capable of anything and subject to equality. It’s characterized as...

This image represents the Parkway Board of Education letting the well being of students, staff and the greater St. Louis community slip through their hands.

Parkway Board of Education: We are disappointed

Pathfinder Editorial Board October 23, 2020

To the Parkway Board of Education, Sept. 29, you held a regular board meeting that wasn’t so regular. You introduced 18 speakers and two written statements. The video recording of the meeting has...

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