Teacher by day, pirate entertainer by night; Meet Amie Gossett

Posing with a parrot on her shoulder, theater teacher Amie Gossett acts as a pirate in a sword singing troupe she participates in. Gossett has been part of this troupe for 10 years, preparing each year for the high-intensity physical movement her role requires. “We usually have two to three different choreographed staged sword or stage combat fights per one hour show. They involve swords, daggers, hand-to-hand combat, rolling on the ground, jumping up on boxes, etc,” Gossett said. “I definitely have to get myself into fighting shape each season so that I don't hurt myself.
December 17, 2020

Parrot on shoulder, and sword in hand, theater teacher Amie Gossett performs on a “ship-like” platform as a sword-swinging pirate in an all-woman stage combat sword fighting troupe. Despite working...

Parkway district master class replaces in-person theatre programs

Parkway West theatre department head Amie Gossett forms a district master class to take the place of in-person classes.
November 23, 2020

While sports are being phased back into school, clubs and programs have not had the same treatment. Theatre, however, found a way to combine all Parkway schools’ departments into one master class. “West...

A behind the scenes look at teaching a hybrid schedule

Theater teacher Amie Gossett instructs her Foundations of Acting students on how to stand away from the camera when they perform. The students in the back were critiquing the performances that the online students gave to the class. “I’m going to run the class as I would run it if I were in-person completely. Things worked out very well last quarter virtually for theater classes, which was more than I had ever expected, so I am just going to improve on that model,” Gossett said.
November 18, 2020

Dividing their screens and spacing out their desks are only a few of the changes that teachers are making. No matter how many years of teaching experience they have, teachers are as new to the in-person...

Joe Milliano: The tap dancing teacher

Seniors Abigayle Dorrance, Sophie Reidt and choreographer Joe Milliano rehearse a tap routine to go along with the song
January 14, 2020

Down the science hallway in room 1408, the new AP Physics 1 and 2 teacher Joe Milliano also assists the theatre department as the resident tap choreographer. Milliano has a hobby that sets him apart...

Cinematography and Screenwriting class debuts this semester

Gathering clips for their first assignment, seniors MJ Stricker, Matthew Showers and Carson Lolley film in the theatre. Students were tasked with creating a 30 second film inspired by the techniques filmmaker Lev Kuleshov. “I like having a simple task so I can be more creative in the filmmaking process,” Lolley said. “I’m excited to keep working on bigger and better projects throughout the semester.”
January 24, 2019

After one year preparing and researching, theater department Head Amie Gossett began teaching a new fine art course titled Cinematography and Screenwriting. The idea for the class arose at a meeting...

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