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Spark! Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy students wait in line to receive water samples to practice handling test tubes and droppers.

Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy

The average day in Spark! Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy (PPHSA) differs from the first to second semestersSenior Govind Menon attended an off-campus classroom at the Lindenwood University Westport Campus during the first semester.

“The class takes two whole [90-minute] blocks, so we have a lot of time to cover content relating to healthcare. We learn a lot of healthcare skills such as ambulating patients, inserting IVs, taking vitals, taking blood samples and more,” Menon said. “There is a lot more to healthcare than the skills, but performing a skill will put you ahead of the curve in a hospital setting. It allows me to be an example to other aspiring healthcare professionals, where I can provide feedback and valuable advice for when the time comes for them to learn it in the future.”

Menon has shadowed 16 different departments around St. Luke’s Hospital this semester. This includes the nursing floors, the surgery department, the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU), same-day surgery/post-anesthesia care unit (SDS/PACU) and Oncology.

“It’s hard to choose a favorite activity when we’ve done so much, but outside of shadowing, I enjoyed the day we learned how to draw blood, use needles and syringes, and place IVs. It was really fun because I felt like I was learning a really useful skill, and the dummies had fake blood and tissue in it, so it felt extremely realistic,” Menon said.

After shadowing, students write a report about what they observed. Reflecting on their experiences helps students to get more out of these opportunities.

“There’s a ton of opportunities that Spark PPHSA has given me. One of the most beneficial ones is the opportunity to shadow 16 departments around St. Luke’s Hospital. We shadow a separate department each day, and I get to see what each day looks like in each healthcare field,” Menon said. “This has allowed me to make valuable connections in the health industry and helped me decide which healthcare field I might be interested in.”

Similar to the other six strands, Menon was encouraged by Spark! to complete activities that will set him up for future success.

“Another opportunity I have taken advantage of is the CPR/AED certification from the American Heart Association through this program and the Occupational Safety and Health Association 10-Hour Certification for healthcare safety. Participating in Spark! PPHSA has allowed me to put my considerable amount of healthcare experiences, such as shadowing and skills, into my resume, which may help me land a job later,” Menon said. “I would not be able to do this in my standard classes here at West, so I am thankful that Spark! has provided me this opportunity to improve my personal brand.”

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