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Convergence Journalism 1

Jolly Rancher’s Valentine’s Day candy: Jelly Hearts.

The perfect way to melt a heart

Packaging Festiveness:

Get ready to steal someone’s heart with your playful side. The smiling watermelon eating one of the delicious candies made me laugh, reminding me of elementary school days when we exchanged adorable cards. The candies on the packaging are enlarged to show what you can expect to eat inside the bag. However, no design can prepare your tastebuds for what is ahead. Overall this packaging is a 9/10 for the creativity and the information.


The taste and texture of the Jolly Rancher heart resemble a jelly bean.

The watermelon flavor gets a 10/10 in our book.

The opening flavor is very sweet and tastes exactly like the regular version of the Jolly Rancher. The end of the flavor is very savory as it dies down before you swallow.

The strawberry earned a 9.5/10 because the flavor did not taste quite as good as the watermelon, but it is still great. It was sweeter and more sour than the cherry.

The cherry-flavored score was the lowest, with a 9/10. The cherry flavor was too subtle and not as sweet and sour. 

Jolly Rancher’s heart shaped Valentine’s candy. (Convergence Journalism 1)


The heart shape and different colors and flavors left us with an empty 11 oz. bag in no time. The recommended serving size of 11 hearts was difficult to manage. In fact, we inhaled all 10 servings between three samplers. Our biggest regret about this sweet treat was that there were not more flavor options!

Value: 10/10

For  $3.30 at Target, we found this to be a very valuable way to melt the heart of someone special. 


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