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Dove Chocolate’s Valentine’s Day candy: Valentine Love Notes.

A lovey dovey Valentine’s treat

Dove’s chocolate is a candy we can all remember for the small messages left in each wrapper. The real milk in the chocolate makes the candies taste genuine and enjoyable. The company started with the Dove Bar and, later in 1986, was welcomed into Mars company. Dove always makes sure to change its chocolates for each season and puts in the effort to be festive. 

So, when Valentine’s day was right around the corner and Dove released new chocolates for 5 dollars, Valentine Love Notes, we were eager to try it. But, the only thing Dove did to make this candy more festive was the packaging; the chocolate inside was a regular caramel chocolate. Each candy was individually wrapped with red foil and a white heart with a letter inside of it, others were the opposite. Despite the packaging showing you could make words, there were no vowels, and the main consonants were T, S, N, R and Y. None of these letters can make words, which was a disappointment.

Inside each wrapper, there was a valentine message. Because each one is different, it makes for a fun surprise each time you unwrap one. Each note is short and fun. The messages we got were “Sweet on You” and “Be Mine.” Nothing that meaningful but still fun.

The candy is a small rounded square with Dove imprinted on the top. When you unwrap the candy, there is no immediate smell, and when you bring it to your nose, it smells like any other milk chocolate product. When you eat it, the chocolate is smooth and sweet with a nice balance of caramel. The two do not overpower each other. The chocolate melts in your mouth and surprisingly has a slight crunch when you bite into it.

The chocolate itself was tasty and phenomenal, however, their festivity could use some work, such as some new flavors and less faulty packaging. Overall, we rate Dove’s Valentine Love Notes a 4 out of 5 hearts. We recommend buying them if you’re looking for something small and sweet to enjoy. 


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