Declan Ryan


Triya Gudipati

“[For me, the happiest times are] when I celebrate holidays with my family. [My favorite is] Christmas, mostly because I got a lot of presents. I remember [my sister and I] used to write letters to Santa, and he would always write back to us. One year, I was very excited to get a bell from Rudolph’s sleigh, but [the best present I’ve ever received] is a drone that my dad got me. I haven’t been able to use it because I can’t fly it without my dad, and he just never goes out to fly it. Hopefully [we can fly it] this year. On the other end, the best [present I have given was when] I poured a bunch of peanuts into a really big ornament and gave it to my mom [who was] really into peanuts then. This year, I’m very excited to see my siblings again. I have five, and most of them are away at college, so it’s gotten more lonely,” – Declan Ryan, 10