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“I started boxing two years ago [and it] positively impacted my life by getting me in better shape and getting me healthier. [It] changed my lifestyle because back then, I didnt have much to do, [but] now my life is more busy and whenever Im bored I can just go to boxing. [My favorite part of being at the gym] is sparring, because I like to [fight] people. [While training for a match] we do a bunch of sparring, cardio work, running and sprinting. [Becoming a professional boxer] is an option but I dont think its my major goal. But If I ever decide I want to, then I guess Ill work way harder and make sure that when the time comes, Ill have enough skill to become a professional boxer. Before I step into the ring for a fight, I get nervous and think about what everyone who’s watching is going to think and if the outcome isn’t what I want it to be. During [my first fight] I won the Golden Gloves Championship of St. Louis, and it was the best moment of my life. If you lose, move on and work harder, it’s nothing to be ashamed of [because] everyone will sometimes lose.” - Musab Safi, 10

Musab Safi

Esta Kamau, Humans of West Editor February 9, 2024

“My proudest moment was probably getting the lead role [as the narrator] in our school play, ‘Puffs’. I thought I wasn’t going to get a role and I was kind of nervous. I was doubting myself. But then when I got it, I was excited and proud of myself. The play was a ‘Harry Potter’ parody. It’s all about the Hufflepuffs and the crazy seven years of magic school. My favorite part about being the narrator [was] probably the rehearsals and all my long lines that [were tongue twisters and] [used to] mess up. It was really funny and it helped me know what I need to work on [in aspects of my acting]. I was excited to see how far I got [during the show dates] and I’m excited to see [how far I go] in the future.” - Kanya Livingston, 10

Kanya Livingston

Ade Fasano, CJ1 Writer December 20, 2023

“I went through a sport-ending injury. There was a lot of time where I questioned coming back to my sport because of how separated I felt from my team and all the complications that came with my surgery and physical therapy. It just felt like a lot was holding me back and that I shouldnt even attempt to come back to my sport but [I had to] push past that. Ive been playing soccer for 12 years. If I wanted to come back and play soccer, which I love, I had to rush past the pain and the mental part of not being ready to come back. I value hard work and always push myself to the limit because, if youre not putting in 100% you wont get anything out of it. You have your highs and lows but its up to you whether or how you react to them, and [the circumstances] will get better. This is just a period in your life, [and it’s]  tough. But you have to work really hard. You have to [do what you] want to get past it to feel better.” - Hanna Jacquin, 10

Hanna Jacquin

Anuradha Vijayakumar, CJ1 Writer December 11, 2023

“Sophomore year is going pretty well. I like how theres more freedom and electives [that] you can choose rather than freshman-year electives [that are required]. Im taking Intro to Culinary Arts, German, and Interior Design. Next semester Im taking Design Arts. A good part of freshman year was my fashion class and [how] we learned how to sew pillowcases and then used a sewing machine. We also learned a little bit about interior design. My favorite part though, was joining the water polo team. I like how its a tough sport that makes you train really hard, but [also helps to] push yourself so you dont give up easily. My parents kind of dragged me into it. They [suggested] that I should do it, and kind of pressured me a little bit. At first when I joined it, I hated it so much. But then, eventually, I grew to love it.” - Katie Morelli, 10

Katie Morelli

Gabriella Pupillo, CJ1 Writer December 4, 2023

“The best thing that you can do for yourself is dress the way you want, talk the way you want, and be as social as you possibly can. Just be as happy, positive, and expressive as possible, love each other, and be confident about that. [A way I express myself is through] art. Im an artist in so many ways, I work with a bunch of different media. I write songs, I sing in a band, I play the bass, I just really love music. Every person is unique and can be an artist as long as they base their art around their experiences. [My art is about my] childhood, and social experiences [because] I know that can be a really big connector with people who have gone through things like that. I just really love being able to love [on] other people.” - Faith Kothe, 10

Faith Kothe

Britain O'Brien, CJ1 Writer November 30, 2023

”Sophomore year is going really well. I have gotten so many opportunities this year and [it has been] a big step up from last year. I didnt think that was possible. I [enjoy] playing guitar in [a] jazz band. It has led me to have more guitar [playing] skills. I get to learn how to play good riffs and get more familiar with the fretboard, which is something that I wasnt able to do by myself without a push. I love the guitar because all my idols play it, like Jimi Hendrix [and] anybody who has ever play[ed] guitar, like Rick Rubin. My band teacher has [pushed me] because I wasn’t familiar with any of the [chords] charts. I didnt even even know how to read music before this year, so that was pretty cool just to be forced into that and learn music theory. [Advice I have for new musicians is to] practice as hard as you can build up those calluses. Got to make it hurt and then you’ll be fine.” - Addison Smith, 10

Addison Smith

Emma Barton, CJ1 Writer November 27, 2023

“Even though I really love performing and practicing every day, my favorite part about the dance team has to be the people on the team and the bonds that Ive made the past two years. Thats really whats kept me coming back. Ive made friendships on Longhorn Line that will last a long time and I have met my best friends through dance. This year, Im taking harder classes than I did last year. So, my biggest fear going into sophomore year was having too much homework and having to either pull back on the amount of dance that I was doing on the dance team or quit dance altogether in order to get all my work done. Around this time last year, I dislocated my shoulder during a performance. It took me out of dance for a really long time while I tried to rehabilitate my shoulder. It was really hard for me because I couldnt move my arm at all. I pretty much lost any strength I had in my arm. I had to get it all back and it took a really long time. I had to work everyday to get my strength back. It was a struggle for me because I couldnt dance and I literally had to dance with one arm. A struggle for me right now is balancing everything thats going on in my life, like studio, Longhorn Line and homework. It’s hard because I try to make sure I get all my homework done, but also knowing all my routines and [being able to] go to practices and studio every night. I’m happiest at studio dance because thats where all my best friends are. When you go to the studio each night you can forget anything that happened during your day. Its kind of like a little escape from the rest of your life or whatever is happening at that moment.” - Lila Kayser, 10

Lila Kayser

Marley Wright, CJ1 Writer October 17, 2023

“I have always wanted to play a sport that I was good at, and have [a] strong community [within] a team. I hadn’t played a sport since 6th grade so I was very excited when I made C-team lacrosse at tryouts last year. During the eighth practice of the year, I stepped in a hole in the back field [at school] and shattered my ankle. At the time, I felt like my whole team was improving while I had to sit on the sidelines. But as I have grown, I’ve realized that it brought me closer to the people on my team, but especially [my] coaches. It made me realize how close our team really was because they treated each other like family. [If someone is going through the same thing], ask them if they need help. Moving around was hard, getting to class with your bookbag, [and] going up the stairs to your house. [But] my friends were really helpful during this time, making sure I was okay and didn’t need anything. It’s important to keep your friends close to you. Especially when they go through hard times because you never know what theyre actually going through.” - Kendall Conway, 10

Kendall Conway

Kate Roland, Staff Writer September 20, 2023

“My biggest accomplishment was when I placed second at nationals for racquetball. I started playing racquetball in sixth grade because I was passionate about beating my brothers in the sport, and it was just fun. My brothers have played racquetball for years, and they inspired me to start. I did not have a winter sport, so I decided I might try racquetball. I am glad I started because I have found a good community through [the sport]. I met many nice people and made good relationships. I beat someone at state, but when [I played singles], I placed second at nationals, I felt defeated. At nationals, I played both singles and doubles. The people I lost to at nationals — [when I played doubles] were upperclassmen, a senior and a junior. Getting that far as a freshman [was] an accomplishment. Racquetball has taught me that pain is temporary and legends are forever. It is painful, but it is worth it.” - Matt Lancia, 10

Matt Lancia

Kate Roland, Staff Writer August 28, 2023

“When I was in eighth grade, my grandma passed away. My grandma lived right next to me, and when she passed away, it was very strange to see someone else moving into [her] house. After she passed, my grades started dropping and I took her death very hard. I was very close to my grandma my whole life. As a child, I would go to her house and make chocolate chip cookies; which helped me bond with her. She showed me how important it is to donate and be active in the Church. My grandma helped me grow closer to God because she was very close with Him. She taught me how to be a better person.” - Juli Moellenhoff, 10

Juli Moellenhoff

Kate Roland, Staff Writer August 22, 2023

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