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Students and staff express themselves through fashion

Adjusting the different pieces of her outfit, sophomore Emily O’Connor displays her style. O’Connor often finds her clothes at thrift stores, such as Avalon Exchange. “[When I find something while thrifting] I get so excited. It’s really fun and I always try to think of what would look good with other pieces when I’m [thrifting],” O’Connor said. “[Thrifting] definitely expands your life and your wardrobe.”

Mira Nalbandian and Leah Schroeder

February 28, 2020

Using their clothes to express their feelings and personality, students and staff describe what goes into their fashion choices and the impact it has on their daily life....

Thirst Project Club raises more than $2,000 during the first week of fundraising

With an effort to raise money for their Thirst Project fundraiser, juniors Salma Ahmed and Sarenna Wood sold their bracelets during lunch Jan. 31. They plan to reach a total of $6,000 dollars by the end of the school year, all of which will be donated to the national Thirst Project. “Being able to sell our bracelets and raise money for people in need makes me feel great, and it is such a great opportunity to help others,” Wood said. “Watching people [that] live in poor countries faces light up when they see that people are donating money to give water is very emotional, and I think that the world needs more of these people.”

Jacob Stanton, Staff Writer

February 19, 2020

With a passion for helping others, students in the Thirst Project Club, including junior and Club President Salma Ahmed, junior Sarenna Wood and sophomore Connor Gusky, have already raised more than $2,000 during the first week of fundraising. The profits will go to the non-profit organization, the Th...

Sophomore Ethan Jennings unites with his team to obtain a bid for the USA Volleyball National Championship

Jumping to set a ball, sophomore Ethan Jennings assists an attack for junior Evan Conger. Jennings played JV volleyball his freshman year and continues to play for the High Performance Volleyball program. “Playing with older guys was great because it gave me a unique experience that most guys my age don’t usually have and pushed me to work harder,” Jennings said.

Drew Boone, Staff Writer

January 27, 2020

After playing a year for the highest level of the High-Performance Volleyball program, sophomore Ethan Jennings and his team obtained a bid for the USA national volleyball tournament in June.  Having only played a year of volleyball, Jennings feels his success is due to the consistent work he pu...

Sophomore Amanda Clark’s “Everyday Stigmas” podcast fights mental health stigmas

Sophomore Amanda Clark presents the logo of her podcast, 'Everyday Stigmas,' which aims to fight the stigma surrounding mental health. The podcast began last year as an English assignment, and Clark decided to continue creating episodes as a hobby outside of the classroom. “I want people to become more aware of certain issues and things that are going on around them. I want them to be proactive in taking further steps to change the way they act,” Clark said.

Paige Matthys-Pearce, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 20, 2020

Students whisper among themselves and excitement increases with the thought of the unknown as English teacher Kim Hanan-West introduces a podcast assignment to her 2018-2019 Honors English I class. Sophomore Amanda Clark, a student of Hanan-West last year, created her podcast, Everyday Stigmas, to bri...

Sophomore Donnie Denham drives to make change

Sophomore Donnie Denham unloads a truck full of food for those in need. Denham was inspired to go out and make a difference in his community so he could feel that he was doing something that will impact others lives. “I love going out, spending my weekends away from friends, to go make someone else feel special,” Denham said. “I think sometimes we take for granted what we have in life. It doesn’t hurt to get out of your comfort zone to make someone else feel special.”

Tre Bell, Staff Writer

January 8, 2020

Sophomore Donnie Denham runs St. Louis Food Rescue, an organization that delivers food to homeless people a few weekends each month. “We contact [Einsteins, Costco and Whole Foods], and they give us some of their leftover food. On the weekends, we go and take it to homeless shelters around the a...

“The sky’s the limit”: Sophomore Ja’Marion Wayne breaks 52-year-old school yardage record

Hustling on the field, sophomore Ja’Marion Wayne breaks records at the Mayor’s Cup football game Oct. 17. Wayne broke two school records for rushing yards and all purpose yardage. “That record stood for 52 years, and he hit it as a sophomore. I think his ceiling is very high,” assistant football coach Zaven Nalbandian said.

Susie Seidel, Convergence Media Editor

October 25, 2019

Under Thursday night lights at the Mayor’s Cup football game Oct. 17, sophomore Ja’Marion Wayne carried the ball 463 yards, breaking a record set in 1968, the school’s first year. The first record was for rushing yards: the total number of yards gained by a single player as the result of a rushi...

Sophomore Santi Lugo gains perspective about the world through travel

Visiting the Kinkaku-ji, a Zen Buddhist temple, sophomore Santi Lugo and his family pose for a photo. The temple, also known in translated Japanese as the “Temple of the Gold Pavilion,” is one of Japan’s most popular buildings. “It was a long trail, trees all around, and the sound of rocks being stepped on crowded my ears. When you’re walking, you’re unable to see anything until suddenly you see a gold point rising above the trees that leads to the peaceful stream below the astonishing temple,” Lugo said

Lilly Francis, Convergent Media Writer

August 23, 2019

Taking in the sites of the rainy city, sophomore Santi Lugo explores Tokyo, Japan, the newest destination in his travels around the world.   “It has astonished me how modern the city is yet how blended the historic and modern [parts] are. It’s amazed me that it’s all interconnected. Amazing ...

Sophomore Paige Wehrmeister develops wrestling skills at National Championships

Watching teammates wrestle from the bleachers, sophomore Paige Wehrmeister and teammate Emma Cole bond through their common interests. Following the trip to Fargo, Wehrmeister continued to spend time with the friends she made during her trip to Fargo. “We were all representing the same state, and after all that time together, I developed close friendships with some of the girls,” Wehrmeister said.

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

August 22, 2019

The stadium seats rise up around her with the capacity to seat 19,000. On the mat wrestling at the U.S. Marine Corps Junior Nationals, also known as Fargo, is sophomore Paige Wehrmeister. Wehrmeister traveled with her team, consisting of around 100 boys and 56 girls, to Fargo, N.D. from July 12 to 19 in ho...

Sophomore Anna Stephens steps into the spotlight

Performing in the musical “Seussical,” sophomore Anna Stephens dances and sings on stage in a purple dress alongside two other performers, playing one of the Bird Girls, a supporting lead role. Stephens was cast in the production through a local company called Spotlight Productions. “I loved getting to be sassy and have fun with my friends on stage. The Bird Girls helped narrate throughout the story and I loved the costumes very much,” Stephens said.

Claire LeDuc, Staff Writer

August 20, 2019

Reading an article she wrote in front of her fifth grade class, sophomore Anna Stephens discovered a talent and comfort for speaking in front of crowds. With her first performance under her belt, Stephens began exploring similar environments and found an interest in musical theatre. “I always feel at...

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