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Lily West

VHS tapes placed together featuring “Sleeping Beauty.”

VHS Tapes

Watching VHS tapes is the perfect way to bring out your inner child, these tapes are just as nostalgic and exciting as they were 10 years ago.

VHS tapes are not only fun to watch but also very cost-effective. The average cost of a VHS tape ranges from 50 cents to a few dollars, whereas renting a movie is around $15. You get a good product for less money than streaming or renting something to watch. Unlike movies rented from streaming services, VHS tapes are not always in good condition, and some can be more expensive. However, local thrift stores have tons of tapes for low prices, and it isn’t hard to find good quality tapes among the ones in stock.  

These sentimental tapes help people bond and connect with their loved ones ranging from timeless classics to old cartoons.

“It was always a tradition [in my family] to go to Texas. My grandpa would have [VHS tapes], and we would always watch them together as family,” freshman Ava Griswold said. “When [my grandparents] passed away we got all of the VHS tapes. We watch them, and it’s like they’re still there.”

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