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Scott Winfrey

What are your top three most important things in life?

“Education, social justice, friends and family.”

What were your elementary, middle and high school days like?

“Well, they were definitely forthcoming. They were tough.”

What is your connection to Parkway?

“I went to Henry Elementary school, Pierremont, West Middle and West High. I was a substitute teacher there from the spring of 2017 to 2020.”

What is your favorite thing about Parkway?

“Community: you can genuinely tell that parents, teachers and support staff are engaged.”

Why are you running for the school board?

“I’m running because I’m passionate that Parkway schools continue to provide an excellent education for all the students to be able to connect to our community so they feel that they are authentically engaged.”

Are there any changes, big or small, that you would like to see happen in the district?

“Yeah, I would like to see more mental health resources and options, especially for teachers, staff and students.”

What do you do for work? Can this help you perform your school board duties any better?

“I work with the Urban League in North City and South City. I do various tasks with the league. I work at a food pantry, and I also assist with the executive team and projects like masks, giveaways and cleanup events. I feel like that’s given me a greater depth and understanding of the city we live in and building connections in the community. I feel students could really use that. I’m a big fan of learning by experience and feel like students could benefit from more field trips, having more assemblies and programs geared towards community.”

What can you bring to the school board?

“I can bring my knowledge and experiences as a community member with the Urban League and with the University of Missouri St. Louis’s anchor initiative. I can bring my understanding of the trenches of our district as a substitute teacher and, so far, my master’s in education.”

Why should people vote for you?

“People should vote for me because I genuinely and authentically care about the state of our district and most importantly, the innovations that we need to advance our young people towards relevant jobs in the future, as well as addressing the state of mental health and emotional well being of students and staff. I want everyone to feel that I’m accessible, that they can contact me anytime and then I’ll get back to them and address their concerns.”

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