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This is my personal favorite pick, though that isn’t a surprise because I love potatoes. I just think that everything else with the potato enhances the taste of it.

Samosa Chaat

South Asian Samosas usually consist of a potato or chickpea filling surrounded in a bread crust, and shaped like a triangle. The consistency of samosa chaat as a whole is similar to mashed potatoes.  In this chaat, people rip up the samosa into little pieces in a cup, then cover it in a creamy chickpea curry. On top of this, traditional yogurt, a date chutney, and some sev, small pieces of crunchy noodles made of chickpea flour are added. On top of that, a couple leaves of coriander are added for some immaculately placed presentation. 

This food has earned its way onto the food bucket list because the yogurt ties in with the curry to offset any spiciness. The sev adds crunchiness and no matter how the samosa is seasoned, it tastes delicious, at least to my potato-biased taste buds.

To try it, my personal pick would be at a restaurant named Saffron on Barrett Station Road. Make sure you stay for dinner, because this building has a beautiful atmosphere, but it isn’t as beautiful as the food. 


“It smelled like chilli, and I expected to only taste chilli. I tasted a lot of chilli and the chilli tasted really fresh and spicy. Even though it was spicy, I also tasted the crust and the potato. My taste tolerance for spiciness is really small, but if you like spiciness, this dish is good for you,” Ladd said. 

Ladd’s rating: 3/10

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