“Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton

December 31, 2020

On Nov. 13, country artist, six time grammy winner, and Kentucky native Chris Stapleton released his emotion-packed album entitled Starting Over. The album includes the songs “Cold” and “Watch you Burn,” which offers listeners a visceral look at the inside of Stapleton’s mind in the aftermath of the Vegas shooting. However my favorite song is the most uplifting on the album, the title song “Starting Over,” which was released separately from the album on Aug. 28.

Although it was written in early spring, before many of us had even heard of COVID-19, “Starting Over,” is the perfect description of this year and what comes next. In an interview with Noel King on NPR’s Morning Edition, Stapleton talked about writing the song, “As you do with songs sometimes, you write ‘em and, pull it back out and you listen to it, and maybe it means something else in a different time, which is beautiful.”

“Starting Over,” describes Stapleton finding a fresh start with his wife as they leave their home to travel, taking risks and making home wherever they go. Stapleton cites the challenges that await them as he writes, “This might not be an easy time/ There’s rivers to cross and hills to climb/ Some days we might fall apart/ And some nights might feel cold and dark,” all the while knowing that they will ultimately be alright together.

The sound of the song is as sweet as the lyrics, with Morgane Stapleton, Stapleton’s wife and a musical talent in her own right––offering her smooth voice as the perfect contrast to Stapleton’s raw, gritty vocals. The two are backed by a guitar, a bass, and a little percussion, lending the whole song a simple and yet beautiful blend of sound in the chorus, “It don’t matter to me/ Wherever we are is where I wanna be/ And, honey, for once in our life/ Let’s take our chances and roll the dice/ I can be your lucky penny/ You can be my four leaf clover/ Starting over.”

I have no doubt that this song will still be a hit 50 years from now, as its folksy, intimate sound is one that many can enjoy for years to come. It is the ultimate road-trip anthem, at once cozy and carefree, the perfect companion to a long drive with the windows down.

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