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Longhorn Sports Production Network

Club member and junior Grace Eschbach discusses how important Longhorn Sports Production Network is during the pandemic

Longhorn Sports Production Network (LSPN) members are students hired for $20 per game and view the club more as a job. Sponsor and media coordinator Amie Gossett leads students to help record home sports events, edit and produce a live stream of varsity sports games and then post them on the YouTube channel Parkway West LSPN. Interested members can join LSPN by emailing Gossett to get added into the Google Chat.

What is the purpose of your club?

“The purpose of LSPN is to be able to show games to people who may not have seen it otherwise, as well as to train the workers in new technology. It’s especially important now because it’s the one thing that’s kind of normal. The players are able to go out and do what they are used to, and [watching them] can let their families take a break from the stress for a little bit.”


What is your favorite part of your club?

“I love that we’re able to show the games to family members or friends of players who may not have been able to come to the game. It makes me feel good about the job I did when I see how happy it’s made someone. Also, the parents in the chat of the live streams can be quite entertaining.”

Why would you love to have new members join your club?

“I’d love to have new people join because it ensures that after the other people in LSPN in my class and I graduate, it’ll still have people who can take over. Also, it’s always more fun to be at a game with someone else.”

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