Photo illustration by Brinda Ambal

Go With the Flow

Co-president and junior Anna Newberry discusses the importance of menstrual education

From the history of the period to sustainability, Go With the Flow is working to destigmatize menstruation in the West community. Every other Monday at 8 a.m. over Zoom, Go With the Flow meets to educate members about menstruation through presentations and open discussions. New members can join the club by direct messaging @theflow_pwest on Instagram or by emailing co-president and junior Anna Newberry to be added to the club GroupMe. 

What is the purpose of your club? 

“The purpose of our club is to create a place where everyone can feel comfortable talking about a biological process that half of the world’s population experiences. We want to reduce the stigma surrounding this topic and support everyone. All genders are welcome.”

What is your favorite part of your club?

“My favorite part of the club is the discussions, when we start talking about how we feel about the topic and everyone shares. I love how it creates a feeling of community and a place where we can share our feelings about what is sometimes considered a forbidden subject.”

Why would you love to have new members join your club?

“We would love to have new members because the majority of our members are juniors and women. We would love to expand this club to other grades so that everyone can feel empowered.”

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