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Counselor Erin Sternberg focuses on making sure all students, not just those in her letter group, are getting the help they need.

Erin Sternberg

Erin Sternberg, Counselor 

Counselor Erin Sternberg joined the faculty after graduating from the University of Missouri with a Masters of Education and a certification in school counseling.

“I was particularly wanting to work in a high school,” Sternberg said. “I just loved my experience in high school and the age group and my internships. So I ended up just applying and interviewing for this position, and I love it.”

After adjusting to a new school, Sternberg loves her job and is excited to get to know everyone. 

“The staff here is great, and everyone’s very supportive, and checks in on me, which is great. I feel like I’m super welcome here,” Sternberg said. 

Seeing the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health, Sternberg wants to help students feel secure. 

“Because we can’t be face-to-face, all the counselors are encouraging students to email us if they want to do a Zoom meeting or a Google meet,” Sternberg said. “So I’ve done a lot of those kinds of things usually at the end of the day. I’ve also done a few phone calls, just any way we can to connect with students in need, sending emails to check in, and that sort of thing.”

Even though she relies on email and online communication to form connections with students, Sternberg’s favorite part of her job is getting to connect with her co-workers and students. 

I really just [like] learning more about people. I’m a people person. I love talking. I love asking questions,” Sternberg said. “So really just meeting everyone and getting to know people in general and what makes us all who we are and what we love and all that makes us human.” 

In her free time, Sternberg likes exploring and trying new things. 

“I like trying new vegetarian dishes. It’s one of my favorite things. [Before] the coronavirus pandemic traveling was big for me, like road trips,” Sternberg said. “Now I just really value time with loved ones just hanging out watching HGTV, going on walks, working out, doing yoga, or anything that I can do to stay centered and feel like myself.”

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