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Courtesy of: Brionne Smith

Smith poses by her new desk at school in her new West gear.

Brionne Smith

Brionne Smith, Sophomore Principal

Starting her Parkway career, sophomore Principal Brionne Smith oversees the class of 2023 and works with the larger school community. 

“When it came down to it, I had a decision between an elementary school and West. I spoke to another individual that was going through everything with me and asked them where I would be a better fit and where I was most needed,” Smith said. 

Smith prides herself on getting to know her students by using her creative ideas in technology. Smith made an interactive Google slides that she calls her virtual office. Updated frequently, Smith uses it  to keep her students updated and motivated. 

“I do a morning message in [my] virtual office so at their own leisure they can go in, and they can see me and say ‘Hello, good morning! How are you doing?’,” Smith said. “I try to give kudos to those kids.”

Smith has goals for the sophomore class, like bringing her grade level together and making sure every student stays informed with school changes. Smith awards student and teacher of the month and updates students on school changes.

“I meet with the local representatives for our grade level to think about other things that we can do to keep us a community or to form a community,” Smith said. 

Smith is determined to get to know her students regardless of the fact that students are now virtual.

I love the relationships [with students], and honestly that’s a big part of the reason that I wanted to become a principal. I was happy as an instructional coach, but I felt disconnected from the relationships that I was able to form with students. Being a teacher [prior to the Instructional Coach role], that’s something I established instantaneously because I saw them every single day,” Smith said. 

Smith devoted her time during in-person learning to getting to know students.

As a new Parkway student, sophomore Nicholas Svolopoulos navigates the school for the first time and shares his in-person experiences with his grade level principal. (Elle Rotter)

“I didn’t want to necessarily go back into the classroom, but then I also want to have relationships with the students and so far that’s been the greatest thing. It’s very hard to establish relationships virtually [but I’m] doing the best that I can, and that’s my favorite part,” Smith said. “The joy of my job comes from dealing with students, that’s what makes me happy. That’s what wakes me up every single day. It’s not going and talking to adults and going to meetings; it is talking to children and supporting kids.” 

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