The best podcasts to listen to for people who don’t listen to podcasts


Emma Caplinger

Podcasts are a great way to learn, relax or laugh. If you find yourself with nothing else to do, choose one of these five and find out what you’ve been missing.

If you’re not listening to podcasts yet, you’re missing out. Since their creation 16 years ago, podcasts have only increased in popularity, and for good reason. Having something interesting to listen to can make even the most boring tasks bearable. So, next time your mom yells at you for not doing chores, put your headphones in, pick from these suggestions and forget you’re even doing laundry.


The Daily – The New York Times

The New York Times
Listening to The Daily on the daily can help you finally understand what your dad is talking about at the dinner table.

The Daily is a daily news podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro and sponsored by the New York Times. Great to listen to during your drive to school or while you’re getting ready in the morning, The Daily reviews key points of current events, keeping you up to date on what is happening in the world around you without taking too long. With 25 minute episodes coming out five days a week, it is easy to find time to listen. Listening to The Daily on the daily is sure to make you a more informed global citizen, so give it a try. 


Las Culturistas

Best friends Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang discuss their favorite topic, culture, in Las Culturistas.

Listening to Las Culturistas is like sitting in on a conversation between two best friends–probably because that’s exactly what this podcast is. Comedian Matt Rogers and SNL’s Bowen Yang interview one guest each episode to discuss pop culture, seeking to ultimately answer the question “what is the culture that made [the guest] say culture is for [them]?” My personal favorite part of each episode is “I Don’t Think So Honey,” a segment when Yang, Rogers and the special guest are each given a minute to air their grievances about something annoying them in pop culture, which always results in an unfailingly hilarious rant. With a wide variety of guests and enough wit to have you laughing out loud alone in your car, Las Culturistas is a light-hearted, hilarious way to find the culture that will make you a Culturista.


The Ballad of Billy Balls

Gimlet Media
The Ballad of Billy Balls is a true-crime podcast balancing the captivating trio of murder, music and mayhem.

I originally started listening to The Ballad of Billy Balls because of its host, activist and author iO Tillett Wright. I’ve been following Wright for what seems like forever and had recently finished his book, Darling Days. Looking for more content, I stumbled across The Ballad of Billy Balls and was immediately hooked. This is a true crime podcast following the story of the murder of Billy Balls, Wright’s mother’s ex-boyfriend. While at face value, Billy Balls’ murder was just a drug deal gone wrong, the sketchy aftermath and mysterious disappearance of his body raised questions among his friends and girlfriend. Years later, Wright investigates the murder that flipped his mother’s world upside down, determined to find the truth about Billy’s death. I listened to this podcast religiously and guarantee that once you start, you won’t be able to stop.


Hardcore History

Dan Carlin
Listening Hardcore History might even help you during a history test.

Shoutout to my dad for introducing me to this one. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History lives up to its name in that it is definitely the most intense podcast I listen to. With episodes reaching upwards of 4 hours long and covering all the topics your AP World class didn’t have time to go into detail on, Hardcore History is your chance to learn all you’ve ever wanted to about topics like the first World War or the Achaemenid Persian empire. Carlin’s tone is that of a practiced history teacher, someone who doesn’t need to try to be interesting. If you’re in the mood for a blast from the (distant) past, check out Hardcore History.


Earth to Us

Earth to Us
Earth to Us is great for vegans and non-vegans alike looking to learn about sustainable living.

While Earth to Us is discontinued for the foreseeable future, it offers a great collection of podcast episodes covering topics from the zero waste lifestyle to self-help. Hannah McNeely and Evan Oliver are the hosts of this podcast, a youtuber and a chef respectively, working to share their insights on their journeys to becoming more earth-conscious. Featuring interviews from both influencers and everyday people working to improve the world, Earth to Us is perfect for those looking for inspiration to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.


Whether doing chores or driving to the grocery store, podcasts are a great way to distract yourself from the mundanity of everyday life while learning about something far more interesting than dishes. So, give one of these a try!