Pop Tart Taste Test


Caroline Judd

Sophomores Irene Yannakakis and Anna Pavlisin lay in the hallway deciding what Pop Tart flavor to try next.

1. Wildlicious Wild Berry (3/10)

Moving along to our last place contender, the Wildlicious Wild Berry. Before trying this Pop Tart, we had high hopes because we were expecting a sweet berry flavor, but that is not at all what we got. The Pop Tart tasted similar to a sour grape flavor, so we were not fans of this one. After trying it multiple times, we had to spit it out in disgust.

2. Sparkle-licious Cherry (4.5/10)

This limited edition Pop Tart, while decorated very beautifully and carefully, lacks the main component: flavor. The problem with this Pop Tart was that it wasn’t very original. It tasted almost identical to the strawberry Pop Tart but with a stronger and sweeter kick. I would not be able to identify it as a cherry Pop Tart if it wasn’t said on the box.  Points for creativity though, the outside is very decorated which adds to the excitement.

3. Strawberry Milkshake (5/10)

Going into this, we weren’t expecting much more than the typical Strawberry Pop Tart—and we did not get much more than that. The Pop Tart had light pink frosting with confetti sprinkles, along with a hot pink inside, which was very gooey. When we later figured out that we were supposed to freeze the Pop Tart, we realized that the inside “goo,” was supposed to be the ice cream element of the milkshake. In general, we enjoyed it, but there was not anything special about it. Other than the Pop Tart having a little bit stronger taste than the Original Strawberry, it tasted almost the same.

Frozen Strawberry Milkshake (6/10)

After reading the directions on the box, we froze the Pop Tart and kept it in for about an hour. The new result was much better. The Pop Tart tasted a lot more like a milkshake when frozen, especially with the inside representing the ice cream. Being frozen allowed for more of a cool texture component, but not much of a different taste was perceived. We recommend that you freeze the Pop Tart if you are going to eat it, if not, you can have the same taste with strawberry.

4. Chocolate Vanilla Créme (6/10)

In spite of our initial assumption of a very sweet Pop Tart, it was extremely faint. Similar to both the Pumpkin Pie Pop Tart and original frosted strawberry Pop Tart, on top of the frosting were sprinkles. There was a small, unpleasing aftertaste. Although not awful, the Pop Tart was not anything special. Lacking flavor, having a semi-dull design, this Pop Tart was probably the most boring, however, the little taste there was, while still tasty, does not have any effect on someone because of the faintness.

5. Splitz- Drizzled Sugar Cookie With Frosted Brownie Batter (7/10)

The Splitz Pop Tart is a combination of two flavors side-by-side on one Pop Tart which leaves you with two (usually contrasting) flavors. This Pop Tart is also a limited edition Pop Tart, discontinued almost a decade ago, only to just come back. Together, with both flavors being very sweet desserts, the Pop Tart is a little too sugar-coated. Surprisingly, the sugar cookie does stand out, very noticeably. Also, the brownie tastes a lot like real brownie batter. However, the lack of frosting on the top creates a semi-dry taste.

6. Hot Fudge Sundae (7/10)

Next up was the Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tart. It is is very sweet, so if you aren’t big into sweets, this Pop Tart may not be for you. One thing we appreciated about this Pop Tart was that you could taste the fudge, so it was not just your typical chocolate Pop Tart. The inside is a white goo, representing the sundae part of the Pop Tart, along with the decorated swirls of fudge across the white frosting which brought the whole Pop Tart flavor together.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (7.5/10)

This Pop Tart was a little dry and needed something to perfect it, either some more frosting or a gooey inside. The Pop Tart was also extremely thick, only adding to the dryness. However, chocolate chips on the inside of the Pop Tart was a good touch. For some reason, the Pop Tart left a weird, faint bad taste in our mouths. However, despite its flaws, it was definitely one of the better ones we tasted due to it being a more basic and more common in grocery stores.

8. Pumpkin Pie (8.5/10)

While we were hesitant at first to try the pumpkin pie, we were instantly overwhelmed with the powerful pumpkin flavor, which we enjoyed. Although it was very sweet, there was also a bit of a bitter flavor, creating a very balanced taste. The appearance was similar to the Original Frosted Strawberry Pop Tart, with a colored inside filling, with sprinkles and a white frosting. In this case, there was a orange inside with white frosting and fall colored sprinkles. However, it was a very filling snack which could be a bad thing if you are wanting to eat all of it. We ate half of one and immediately became full. We definitely would list this Pop Tart as one of our favorites.

Overall, with only a few toothache inducing flavors, we were very pleased with the results. If you decide to step outside of your comfort zone and give one of our high-ranked Pop Tart’s a try, you will not be disappointed.