The top four online stores for King of Hearts dresses


Laura Boyd

Smiling for the camera, sophomores Emily Weaver, Charlotte Zera, Olivia Meara, Emily Lofgren, Kristen Boyd and Susie Seidel pose for homecoming pictures. Five of the six girls purchased dresses online for the event. "I like buying dresses online because there is a better selection and it is easier than going to the store and trying on millions," Zera said.

Hearts fluttered Monday afternoon when the Longhorn Council officially announced the 2018 winter dance would be King of Hearts. Unlike Homecoming, this time around girls are encouraged to ask guys to the event on Feb. 23, purchase tickets, make plans and inevitably find the perfect dress. Shopping online is the newest obsession of girls on a mission, as there are wide ranges of styles, sizes and prices.

1. Splash

Maybe it’s your senior year, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, but if you’re willing to drop some money, Splash is a great option. This boutique presents unique styles from numerous brands. These could be common, like Free People, or completely random but extremely cute. From sequins to ruffles, to silky silhouettes, these styles are fresh and will catch the eye of dancegoers. Splash also has a storefront in Ladue, so if you or your parents aren’t comfortable with the idea of online shopping, this is the perfect opportunity for a lunch and shop date with mom, grandma or some friends!

2. Forever 21

On the opposite side of the spectrum, with spring break trips, Prom, and the countless events coming up that require a swipe from your card, not everyone is thrilled to put in the time, effort and money toward yet another dress to be worn once. In that case, the perfect site is Forever 21. Forever 21 has on-trend dresses for extremely low prices. While there are always complaints the material is made cheap, it makes complete sense to tough it out for the one night the dress will come in handy. If ordering online is still foreign to you, there are plenty of storefronts around the St. Louis area.

3. Lulus

Lulus is a popular website for all occasions, as the site does a great job of providing flexible categories. Shoppers can view dresses based on style, color, occasion and trend while also adjusting the price range. There are typically numerous reviews on products from previous shoppers, so a clear and reasoned assumption can be made about the size and quality. There is a large price range throughout the site, so whether you have $15 or $80 to spend, there is perfect potential to find the dress you’ve imagined.

4. Tobi

Similar to Lulus, this site is on the rise, but newfound to high school students enough as to where the risk of, “Oh my gosh, she’s wearing my dress!” is significantly lower. Tobi also provides additional options at a similarly wide range of price and style. Unlike Lulus, the site is geared more towards dresses exclusively, which therefore allows a bigger sale section and greater opportunity to find a dress for a better price.

Tips for online shopping:

  1. Look for a one stop shop! All of these sites sell dress, shoes and accessories, and usually, if you spend a specific amount, you can save money or qualify for shipping adjustments.
  2. Read the reviews! This allows you to find out the real deal on the product, compare sizes and evaluate the quality.
  3. Look for coupon codes! Just a simple Google search can save you big time.
  4. Order timely! Keep in mind the time it takes to ship, and return if the size or style doesn’t work.
  5. Do what you’re comfortable with! Just because it seems everyone swears by it lately, if ordering online just isn’t your thing, go dress shopping with family or friends in store!