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Remembering sophomore Brynn Haun

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Brynn Haun and her friends pose before an exclusive early showing of Pitch Perfect 3. Brynn and her friends were picked up by a limo to watch the movie at the Galaxy 14 in Chesterfield; the event was coordinated by the KieraStrong Forever Foundation. “Because of the kindness of others, Brynn was able to accomplish some of her goals,” Kyra Mae said.

Brynn Haun was destined to be a fighter. She was first diagnosed with cancer in seventh grade and overcame it in 2015. Two years later in the summer of 2017, her cancer resurfaced in a more aggressive form. She spent her last few months surrounded by the people she loved and on Jan. 5, Brynn peacefully passed away in her sleep.

After trying every type of treatment possible, including investigating a special procedure in another state, the 15-year-old decided on Dec. 5 to refrain from further chemotherapy, supported by both her family and various charities, like the KieraStrong Forever Foundation, in her decision to enjoy her life to the fullest in the time remaining.

“Brynn was able to accomplish some of her dreams and goals like seeing Hamilton, her trip to New York and meeting the cast of Dear Evan Hansen,” freshman and friend of Brynn, Kyra Mae said. “Brynn received her honorary diploma and felt the love and support of her community. She was amazed by the outpouring of love.”

Brynn also earned the Young Womanhood Recognition Award from her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

“She wanted to go to BYU,” close friend, sophomore Kelly Wehrmeister said. “She definitely wanted a family, she wanted to be a dental hygienist, she wanted to serve a mission and she had talked about wanting to live in New York.”

In order to help her achieve some of the goals, Brynn’s homecoming date, sophomore Andrew Jolly got down on one knee with a speech to propose to her. He placed the ring on her finger on Dec. 23, 2017.

“I gave her a promise ring promising that we would meet back in heaven and plan the wedding,” Jolly said. “It was the happiest I had seen her in awhile.”

She definitely wanted a family, she wanted to be a dental hygienist, she wanted to serve a mission and she had talked about wanting to live in New York.”

— Kelly Wehrmeister

Brynn remained brighter than her situation by maintaining her humorous personality and utilizing her positive attitude.

“She turned any situation good or bad, into a joke,” Jolly said. “She always saw the good side of things.”

According to Wehrmeister, Brynn’s attitude was left unchanged despite the toll cancer took on her body.

“When she was in the hospital over the summer, I couldn’t even count the number of eye rolls and sarcastic messages I got on whiteboards [when she couldn’t talk],” Wehrmeister said. “It showed me that while she may not have been under the best circumstances, her attitude was still there.”

Brynn touched more people during her life than most people ever will. She was a great example to everyone around her through her strength and perseverance”

— Claire Lynn

Maddie Jolly
Brynn Haun says “yes!” to homecoming date Andrew Jolly as he proposes with a promise ring, fulfilling a life goal she had. Penny, her kitten that was gifted by the KeiraStrong Forever Foundation beared witness to this event while sitting on her lap. “Heaven gained one of the greatest girls to ever walk the face of the earth,” Jolly said. “I will never meet anyone else even close to how unique and awesome she was.”

Brynn reached her goal of making it to Christmas and spent it with her family. Her brother, junior Kohl Haun, shared a past memory of her from her favorite holiday.

“We were both sleeping out by the Christmas tree because it was a tradition of ours, and we were talking,” Kohl Haun said. “She told me a scary story that really freaked me out and I couldn’t go to sleep, so she stayed up and calmed me down and talked with me until I fell asleep.”

According to the many social media posts in her memory, students, faculty and family have all been touched by Brynn’s character and her strength.

“Brynn touched more people during her life than most people ever will. She was a great example to everyone around her through her strength and perseverance,” friend, sophomore Claire Lynn said. “Her strongest trait was her selflessness. She was always able to brighten someone else’s day even when hers was not going as well.”

Her parents are holding a memorial service at the Purser Center at Logan University at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 13 to celebrate her life.

“There is nothing I won’t miss about Brynn, but if I had to choose something it would be her smile,” sophomore Samantha Peterson said. “It was beautiful and could light up any room.”

To read more about Brynn’s cancer journey, visit her site on Caring Bridge.

Lori Haun
Brynn and her older brother Kohl wait for the school bus on the last day of school. “I will miss making her laugh and the face she would make when she was laughing really hard,” Kohl said. “Losing someone to cancer is really hard because there is nothing you can do and you feel helpless.”



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3 Responses to “Remembering sophomore Brynn Haun”

  1. Natasha Wood on January 8th, 2018 5:02 pm

    Thank you for writing a lovely tribute to such a fine young woman. I have permission to write this- I just want to clarify that Brynn did undergo chemotherapy after she relapsed. In fact, she tried everything available. However, nothing worked. After Brynn finished her first diagnosis with chemo, she did say she never wanted to go through that again. But when that time came and she did relapse, she chose to keep fighting with all the means available to her. Sadly, she did not have many choices. Kids only receive 4% of the money delegated for cancer research. It is definitely an area that needs more support to help future kids in her situation. Thank you again for writing about the wonderful qualities and the strength that Brynn always showed. She was an amazing person and I am better for knowing her.

  2. Julie Jolly on January 8th, 2018 9:03 pm

    Bea- great job on this feature about Brynn. You really captured her well by interviewing those close to her.

  3. B Antonenko on January 17th, 2018 11:09 am

    Thank you for the correction @Natasha Wood

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Remembering sophomore Brynn Haun