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Standing by a tent while camping, math teacher Michelle Meers poses by her dog, Meeko.

Standing by a tent while camping, math teacher Michelle Meers poses by her dog, Meeko.



Standing by a tent while camping, math teacher Michelle Meers poses by her dog, Meeko.

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Pathfinder: What got you interested in teaching?

Meers: “When I first decided to become a teacher, it was because I simply wanted to do something that involved math, and teaching seemed like the best option. Once I started student teaching and working with kids, I realized that I am interested in teaching mainly because I like to help kids–whether it’s with math or anything else they need.”

What class(es) do you teach?

“I teach Algebra I and Geometry B.”

Is this your first year teaching?

“This is my sixth year teaching.”

Did you previously teach at a different school? If so, what school?

“Yes, I taught at several schools before coming to West. I taught for three different schools in Missouri, before my husband and I decided to move to Colorado because we love to hike. I spent the last two years teaching in Boulder, CO.”

How is West different from that school?

“When I was in Boulder, I was teaching middle schoolers, and high school is very different than middle school. I love both middle school and high school, but high schoolers are a little more responsible and have a lot of obligations after school like work and sports.”

Are there any teaching strategies you are using at West that you learned at your previous school?

“I learned a lot about leveled assessments, [which is] a test that allows students to complete their choice of a simple problem or a more complex problem, and I hope to keep using that at West.”

Why did you decide to teach math?

“I have just always loved math!”

If you could teach another subject, what subject would it be and why?

“I would have to brush up my French skills, but I would be a French teacher. I loved taking French in high school and did a short study abroad program in France. I love French culture and would love to talk about it all day!”

Are there any challenges you face while teaching?

“Every teacher definitely has challengesthere are always students who have trouble understanding math, which is okay!“

How have you overcome them?

“I like to try and work with any of my students who are struggling and get them the extra help and practice they need to be successful.”

What are you most excited for about your class/this year?

“I have always taught algebra, and I love it. It has been some time since I taught geometry, so I’m excited to get back into it.”

What is your favorite thing about West so far?

“The school culture is amazing, and every student I have meteven if they are not my studenthas been so welcoming and friendly.”

Michelle Meers
While hiking, Meeko, an Australian cattle dog smiles for a photo

What is one fun fact about you that you want the students to know?

“I have an Australian cattle dog named Meeko, and she is the cutest dog in the world.”

How would you like students to see you?

“I would like students to see me as someone they can always come to for help!”

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