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Week of Oct. 5 – 9

October 13, 2015

Rebecca Su qualified for state golf on Monday, Oct. 5. [Ashley Spillman, 9]

Juniors Claire Martin and Ava Larsen won sectionals in tennis on Tuesday, Oct. 6, and are now on the road to winning state! [Ellie Widowski, 11]

Latin II did yoga exercises and poses to help learn imperatives on Wednesday, Oct. 7. [Sarah O’Beirne, 12]

Cara Borgsmiller announced that she is pregnant with a baby girl on Wednesday, Oct. 7. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Jazz Choir’s music video released on Thursday, Oct. 8. Two hours after it was released, music teacher Brian Parish was contacted by a Jazz Choir teacher from New Mexico asking if he could study his choir class to make his better. [Katie Bowen, 12]

If Junior Varsity soccer did not meet average school grade expectations from coach Tom Herpel, (anything less than a C), they were told they would have to run as a consequence. On Thursday, Oct. 8, the team had to run eight miles. [Ethan Golde, 9]

With a score of 5-4 on Thursday, Oct. 8, since Jeff Chazen has been coaching the team, varsity softball won their first semi-final district game versus Parkway North, Chazen’s alma mater. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Amy Cohen’s Biology class examined the inside of their cheek cells using a cotton swab, and observing the cells by looking through a microscope. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

French students made halloween decorations and ate donuts at French club on Oct. 8. [Claire Pelligrino, 11]

Jacob Cupps (12), Austin Corteville (10), Rachel Osborne (12), and Logan Stucki (12) soaked a swim cap in water and stretched it out enough to fit senior Kendall Welch inside of it during the cross country morning swim practice on Tuesday, Oct. 6. [Kendall Welch, 12]

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