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Don’t blink: a weekly recap

August 24, 2015

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around every once in awhile, you might miss it.


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Week of April 18-22


Interstate Studio 46914

On Tuesday, freshman took the PSAT for the first time. Sophomores also took the PSAT and juniors took the ACT. Grades nine through eleven were given an early dismissal after their testing. [Claire Smout, 9]

On Thursday, acclaimed 80’s singer and songwriter Prince passed away at age fifty-seven. [Peyton Gaskill, 10]

Seniors had their “Senior Day” on Tuesday. Students celebrated by leaving their mark on the Class of 2016 hand wall, catching pancakes tossed to them for breakfast in the cafeteria, and then spent the rest of the day at six flags. [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

Justin Bieber came to the Scottrade center on Tuesday night and several west students attended his concert. [Maddie Cooke, 10]

Varsity girls soccer won the Longhorn Classic tournament. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

Freshman Bella Hatzigeorgiou was named MVP Varsity soccer player on Tuesday after scoring three goals in a row. [Bridget Noonan, 9]

Jimmy Johns sold $1 subs on Thursday for Customer Appreciation Day. Several students went to get sandwiches and waited in lines up to thirty minutes long. [Kjell Hagen, 11]

On Friday, students in the Beta Chi Pi club sold Ted Drews at lunch for $3 to raise money. [Haley Tiepleman, 10]

Friday was Earth day and Gwenn Pietrowski and Mary Galkowski went to Castlewood State Park. [Megan Barton, 12]

Week of April 4 – 8

Varsity girls soccer beat Kirkwood in PKs by senior Lindsey Anstine on Monday. [Nate Hughes, 11]

On Monday, Tom Stillman, Bobby Plager, Chris Kerber, Louie – St. Louis Blues Mascot, and Blue Crew stopped by school to pay a visit to math teacher Gerry Wieczorek and his festive Blues classroom today.Wieczorek[Jordan Neisler, 12]

Assistant Principal Beth Middendorf was honored as St. Louis Assistant Principal of the Year.  [Maddie Schoessel, 10]

On Tuesday, junior Alex Nevad won $300 at a Super Smash Bros tournament. [Ryan Mound, 9]

Wednesday was the 120th Anniversary of the First Modern Olympic Games. [Lauren Chapman, 9]

History teacher Mel Trotier was announced as the faculty speaker for the senior reflection ceremony. He promised that he will wear his “formal” chucks. [Sarah O’Beirne, 12]

On Thursday morning, the Orchestra left for their trip to Nashville, TN. [Claire Smout,9]

Students stayed up until midnight to register for summer school, only to be disappointed by a systematic malfunction. [Sianna Xu, 9]

The trailer for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” debuted on ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday. [Kjell Hagen, 11]

KEY club had their final meeting on Friday and celebrated with 16 Domino’s pizzas. [Maret Welby, 12]

On Friday, seniors left their mark on the “Up” inspired hand wall, in the cafeteria, designed by Rebecca Su. [Joyce Hsieh, 9]


Week of Feb. 29 – Mar. 4

Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar on Feb. 28. [Natalie Butler, 9]

On Tuesday and Thursday, Peer Teachers taught the seventh graders  about remaining drug and alcohol free. Candy was passed out to participating students. [Alyssa Fleming, 11]

mr longhorn crowning
Mr. Longhorn, the annual male beauty pageant, took place in the theatre on Wednesday. The final two contestants came down to senior best friends Nick Lathrop and Henderson Faulkner.  Lathrop was crowned king by show host Maddie Rose. [Nate Hughes, 11]
Senior Megan Loaney tracked over a marathon on her fit bit reading 26.4 miles for the entire week of soccer tryouts. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

West raised a total of $1,500 at Mr. Longhorn on Wednesday for this year’s philanthropy organization, Our Little Haven. [Ally Guccione, 12]

Thursday was National Book Day. [Paloma Gonzalez, 11]

The sixth grade camp counselors got together on Tuesday and tie dyed shirts. [Kendall Welch, 12]

Girl’s lacrosse was surprised by their coaches on Thursday having to run the gauntlet, which consisted of three laps in eight minutes, three laps in seven minutes, three laps in six minutes and then a mile in under eight minutes. [Ava Larsen, 11]

Thirty-two students made the boys tennis team, which is two over the max for four courts. [Chris Narishkin, 10]

The Improv team, Running with Scissors, preformed on Friday in the theatre. [Megan Barton, 12]

The boys varsity basketball team won the district championship against University City on Saturday! It was coach John Wright’s first district win as a coach. [Megan Barton, 12]

Week of Feb. 22-26

“You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” school musical took place in the theatre last weekend on Feb. 19-21. The Friday night performance included ASL interpreters, an accommodation for hard of hearing students. [Hasan Baig, 12]

On Monday, Special Olympics ran out of the Victory Village t-shirts, so students had to wear the Buddy shirts instead. [Emily Sexton, 9]

Despite the snow day, senior night for girls basketball was still held Wednesday night in the main gym. [Julia Blatchford, 12]

Mr. Longhorn practice began Wednesday and and senior boys are participating. [Alex Karrenbrock, 12]

The list of Scholar Athletes came out Wednesday, Feb. 24. The list is located outside of the athletic office. [Ethan Golde, 9]

Tickets for Mr. Longhorn are being sold for $5 each sold by the participating senior contestants. [Rachel Ebner, 12]

The senior hand wall can be voted for which design it will be via students school emails. [Julia Blatchford, 12]

Girls Swim and Dive got 4th place overall at state. [Natalie Butler, 9]

Senior Gabby Vierra won swimmer of the meet after receiving two state titles and holding the new state record. [Emily Dickson, 10]

“Fuller House”, a spinoff twenty years later of the well known 90’s show “Full House”, came to Netflix on Friday, Feb. 26. [Emily Sexton, 9]

Eight boy basketball players, four Longhorn Line dancers, and 15 cheerleaders all celebrated senior night on Friday. [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

The varsity cheer team had a lock-in at the school after their game on Saturday and slept in the gym. [Claire Pellegrino, 11]

Week of Feb. 8-11

Tuesday was National Pizza Day. [Paloma Gonzalez, 12]

Tuesday was National Pizza Day. [Paloma Gonzalez, 12]

On Monday, Secretary Kitty Strong received 150 calls from senior parents to excuse their kids from school. [Julia Blatchford, 12]

11.9 million people viewed the Super Bowl. [Kacie Bergh, 10]

At the senior faculty basketball game, seniors Hasan Baig and Nick Balestra posed as ESPN sports analysts dressed in suits and ties with a decorated ESPN booth to broadcast the game. [Hasan Baig, 12]

Republican Donald Trump and democrat Bernie Sanders have won the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. [Kjell Hagen, 11]

DECA went to the Chesterfield Mall on Wednesday, and 27 students qualified to compete at state on March 13-15. [Mallory Henak, 12]

For Valentine’s Day celebration, Nancy Sachtleben’s Crime and Law class did a speed dating activity that involved students acting as undercover criminals and serial killers on Thursday. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Science teacher Amy Cohen gave her Animal Behavior class “Dirt-N-Worms” for the class to make on Thursday. [Kjell Hagen, 11]

WOW week of love begins on Tuesday this week and students can buy cookies for $1 on Thursday at lunch. [Claire Dreller, 12]

Annie Wayland’s Leadership classes began working on Special Olympics banners and posters. [Julia Blatchford, 12]

A new Harry Potter book will be released on July 31. [Ethan Golde, 9]

Week of Feb. 1-5

In Jeff Chazen’s History of St. Louis class on Monday, senior Caroline Gibbs got the baby inside of the king cake, which means by Mardis Gras tradition she had to buy the next king cake for the class. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Emanuel Young’s Personal Finance class started making budget plans for their life in 10 years. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

For Facebook’s 12th birthday, they celebrated by presenting personalized Friends Day videos on peoples timelines. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Winter guard received fourth place at the Mascoutan contest. [Kacie Bergh, 10]

Freshman are voting for a lock-in on Infinite Campus. [Will Creemans, 9]

Players in the senior vs. faculty game were required to sell 10 tickets for $3 each. [Maret Welby, 12]

On Thursday, girls swimming team had their senior night with a meet held at West. Each senior did a signature dive to end the meet. [Haley Tiepelman, 11]

Spanish III performed puppet shows on Tuesday and Wednesday. [Sam Walkoff, 9]

On Thursday, girls swimming team had their senior night. Each senior did a signature dive to end the meet. [Haley Tiepelman, 11]

Freshman Alyssa Stopke found an envelope attached t0 the vending machine saying “Next three visits are covered!” with $3 attached inside of the envelope. [Mary Yannakakis, 10]

In Movement to Music class, students learned the basic moves of salsa on Friday. [Emma MacNeill, 10]

Basketball had a blackout theme for both girls and boys teams on Friday. [Ashley Spillman, 9]

Varsity softball seniors teepeed coach Jeff Chazen’s house on Saturday at 2 a.m. [Jeremy Gibson, 12]

Week of Jan. 25-29

The student section and parents celebrated junior Wyatt Yess scoring his 1000th point of his high school basketball career at the West vs. Ladue game by wearing t-shirts and holding signs. [Claire Pelligrino, 11]

Senior Wyatt Yess celebrates with his family after he scored his 1000th point at the Varsity basketball game against Ladue.
Senior Wyatt Yess celebrates with his family after he scored his 1000th point at the Varsity basketball game against Ladue.

Varsity Poms won second place in hip hop at the St. Charles High School dance competition on Jan. 23. [Airely Rodriguez, 11]

Wednesday was national chocolate cake day. [Molly Sewester, 12]

On Workout Wednesday, Movement to Music class worked out to a choreographed video. [Christian Gholson, 12]

At the peer teaching training day at the Ballwin Pointe on Thursday, rookie peer teachers made their “Dear 13-year-old me” video. The rookies were taught by the senior veterans of Peer Teaching to go over lessons that they will be teaching to seventh graders at the middle school. [Natalie Rath, 11]

In History of St. Louis on Thursday, teacher Jeff Chazen made beignets for the class. [Haley Tiepelman, 11]

On Thursday, Jan. 28, Barbie came out with new dolls of different shapes and sizes. [Paloma Gonzalez, 11]

DDR Club began training for a tournament. [Alyssa Flemming, 11]

During lunch, computers were set up in the cafeteria for students to complete a Parkway lunch survey. [Sam Walkoff, 10]

Senior Nick Balestra is seven points away from reaching his 200 career points for his high school hockey career. [Hasan Baig, 12]

On Friday, Kristin Collins’ AP World class played a history version of Cards Against Humanity. [Peyton Gaskill, 9]

Week of Jan. 12-16

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, owner Stan Kroenke moved the St. Louis Rams back to their Los Angeles, where they resided from 1946-1994. [Justin Cupps, 9]

Seniors wore their senior jerseys for their senior panoramic class picture in the gym on Wednesday during common ground. [Nate Hughes, 11]

On Wednesday, Alan Rickman, well known actor most famous for his character “Snape” in Harry Potter, passed away from cancer at age sixty-nine. [Justin Cupps, 9]

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber stole Adele’s #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. [Peyton Gaskill, 9]

Three people won the 1.6 billion dollar powerball jackpot on Jan. 13. [Sarah O’Beirne, 12]

At the AP fair on Wednesday, AP Physics had a small flying pig on a stick. [Nell Jaskowiak, 9]

Latin II sacrificed a teddy bear to the Gods of Minerva on Jan. 15. [Bella Hatzigeorgiou, 9]

Women of West (WOW) club had a yoga class in the main gym on Jan. 15. [Airely Rodriguez, 11]

Everyone has been talking about Adele’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden that was posted on youtube. Click here to watch. [Paloma Gonzalez, 11]

Republican’s sixth debate kicked off this week. [Christopher Narishkin, 10]

After doing a photoshoot at Shi Studios, the photographer wanted juniors Grace Folkins and Clay Bierk to meet with an agent and do another shoot in NYC on Friday, Jan. 15. [Natalie Rath, 11]

Week of Jan. 5-8

Varsity boys basketball team participated in a tournament over winter break, and junior Wyatt Yess made the Coaches vs. Cancer All-Tournament team. [Lindsey Anstine, 12]

Vericia Pearson's AP Photo and DIgital Design board for the 2016 regional art show.
Vericia Pearson
Vericia Pearson’s AP Photo and Digital Design board for the 2016 regional art show.

On Tuesday during second hour, floor zero misheard the announcement alerting the school that the drug dogs were on campus. They thought that they heard there was an intruder alert, and the class went on lockdown procedure by locking and boarding up the doors. [Sarah Booth, 12]

The elevator broke down and needed maintenance on Tuesday.  All students in wheel chairs remained on the second floor, missing their regularly scheduled courses. [Alex Rossi, 11]

Mali Seagele’s air freshener balls inside her basketball bag were mistaken as drugs by the drug dogs. Seagele was pulled out of class and had to explain that they were just air fresheners. [Mary Yannakakis, 10]

Ceramics students played with clay for the first time this semester and attempted to build cylinders on Tuesday. [Mallory Henak, 12]

Girls soccer had their first conditioning and workout session on Wednesday. [Demi Ferretti, 11]

Anime club played musical telephone with with song excerpts. [Joyce Hsieh, 9]

On Wednesday, International Thespian Society took a trip to Kansas City and returned Saturday. [Samantha Gaddis, 10]

The seniors decided to wear pajamas for their late start dress up theme on Wednesday. [Hassan Baig, 12]

The outside scoreboard is now officially up and ready to be used for spring sports. [Julia Blatchford, 12]

In Michelle Kerpash’s Honors English I class, students spent the week learning how to compliment women and insult people with Shakespearian English. [Dani Fischer, 9]

Special Olympics forms went out on Friday. Students can be picked up forms in Annie Wayland’s room. [Vericia Pearson, 12]

Tom Herpel’s Latin III classes began cleaning ancient Roman coins on Friday. [Peyton Gaskill, 10]

Week of Dec. 14 – 18


Mary Claire Moriarity

The gingerbread contest was held in the cafeteria on Thursday, Dec. 17 [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

Part of Pro Start’s first hour final was to clean the kitchen. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

Senior Mahnoor Malik became a U.S. citizen on Wednesday. [Mallory Henak, 12]

USA women’s soccer player Abby Wambach played her last national soccer game on Wednesday, Dec. 16. [Bella Hatzigeorgiou, 9]

Mel Trotier’s world history class watched Frankenstein on Thursday. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

Ryan O’Connor freestyle rapped about the Spanish Empire during an AP World discussion on Thursday. [Emily Dickson, 10]

The STL Rams beat the Buccaneers 31-23 in the Color Rush game on Dec. 17. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Jim Hermann’s AP World History class had an ethnic food day where students brought food from their ancestral background heritage lands. [Christopher Narishkin, 10]

Science teacher Amy VanMater-Woodward sang “Jingle Bells” and “Sleigh Ride” as she high fived students on High Five Friday. [Joyce Hsieh, 9]

Science teacher Greg Schade’s class brought in their Rube Goldberg projects on Friday. [Mallory Henak, 12]

The new soldout Star Wars movie came out at midnight Friday, Dec. 18. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Week of Dec. 7 – 11

The anniversary of Pearl Harbor was Monday, Dec. 7. [Kat Martenet, 11]

On Monday, Dec. 7, SSD teacher Darla Maynard has been named the 2015-2016 teacher of the year. [Kjell Hagen, 12]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announce the name of their newborn on Monday. They named him Saint West. [Miqueyla Lopez, 9]

Studio jazz students beatboxed facing the wall at rehearsal on Tuesday, Dec. 8. [Emily Dickson, 12]

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, Junior Conor Brunig and freshman Jason Wan were selected for the 2016 Missouri All-State Orchestra. [Airely Rodriguez, 9]

On Wednesday, Dec. 9, presidential candidate Donald Trump was attacked by a bald eagle during a photo shoot. [Sarah Booth, 12]

Chemistry teacher Kim Tarpey inhaled helium and sulfur hexafluoride to demonstrate different masses of gas and their effects on voices. [Kristen Baranski, 12]

Thursday, Dec. 10 was international human rights day, a day commemorating the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. [Dani Fischer, 9]

On Thursday, Dec. 10, the girls swim team went to Tan Co. to get spray tans for their first meet on Friday. [Alyssa Fleming, 11]

During the unexpected fire-drill due to burnt popcorn on Thursday, Adventure Pursuits students had to run outside in their towels because they were in the middle of kayaking. [Julia Blatchford, 12]

Parkway West was on the news for students’ random acts of kindness posting encouraging sticky notes on the bathroom walls. [Maret Welby, 12]

Teacher Ed Sandheinrich climbed through his classroom window to avoid the mob traffic after everyone was dismissed from the fire-drill on Thursday. [Joyce Hsich, 9]

Freshman Maria Newton broke the school’s record for laps swam in twelve minutes with 88 laps. [Trinity Norris, 9]

Charlie Cutelli won the Movember teacher beard contest. [Maddie Schoessel, 10]

Senora Kiser’s spanish classes had parties with food and a pinata on Friday, Dec. 11. [Kacie Bergh, 10]


Week of Nov. 30 – Dec. 4

Kim Tarpey’s chemistry class made smores for a lab on Dec. 1. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Boys varsity basketball team is undefeated, beating Parkway South, North and Central. [Lindsey Anstine, 12]

Captain’s Council walked around the school collecting for Ronald McDonald House, selling wristbands for any donation and tickets for the teacher No Shave November contest. [Alyssa Flemming, 11]

Seniors Grace Miller, Gwenn Pietrowski, Megan Loaney, Mary Galkowski and Brittany Davega are awarded first place as the "Who's from Whoville" for best dressed.
Seniors Grace Miller, Gwenn Pietrowski, Megan Loaney, Mary Galkowski and Brittany Davega are awarded first place as the “Who’s from Whoville” for best dressed.

Anime club played “heads-up, seven up” after club picture retakes in the gym on Wednesday. [Joyce Hsieh, 9]

Debra Klevens fourth hour yearbook class sang “Happy Birthday” to librarian Brian Welch on Wednesday, Dec. 2. [Zainab Hussain, 9]

International Cuisine began planning and building their gingerbread houses for the cooking contest this coming Thursday, Nov. 10. [Mallory Henak, 12]

Held in the high school cafeteria on Thursday, Dec. 3, the girls lacrosse team put on their annual Jingle Bell Ball, a daddy-daughter dance for girls from kindergarten to fifth grade.[Ashley Avery, 11]

NFL announced that Coldplay will perform during the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show. [Bailey Rathert, 12]

Disney made a dating website called Mouse Mingle for Disney fans who want some “magic in their relationship.”[Miqueyla Lopez, 9]

Varsity Poms had their first competition of the year on Saturday at Lindbergh High School, earning first in their mixed dance and third in hip hop. [Claire Dreller, 12]

On Saturday, Dec. 5, the second annual LoCo sponsored Dodgeball Tournament took place. Who’s from Whoville were awarded first place best dressed. Gorm Storm took first place overall in a close match against the Average Longhorns in the final championship game. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

Week of Nov. 9 – 13

Longhorn LoCo students volunteered at Schnucks by ringing bells to help raise money for the Salvation Army and struggling families in need on Nov. 8. 

Longhorn LoCo students volunteered at Schnucks by ringing bells to help raise money for the Salvation Army and struggling families in need on Nov. 8. 

During Colleen O’Toole’s seventh hour chemistry class, students had ketchup races to test viscosity. [Maddie Cooke, 9]

Gopro got sued by Polaroid for making almost an exact replica of their cube camera. [Maddie Cooke, 9]

Improv team had a bonding dinner at captain Kathryn Harter’s house Thursday, Nov. 5. [Maddie Cooke, 9]

Girls Cross Country placed 10th at the state meet, and boys placed 13th on Nov. 6. [Natalie Butler, 9]

Scholar Bowl received 2nd at state at Oakville novice tournament. [Kacie Bergh, 10]

Athletes planning on continuing their sport in college signed their letter of intent on Wednesday in the library. Click here to read more. [Maddie Schoessel, 10]

Diwali, a Hindu holiday, began on Wednesday, Nov. 11. [Nell Jaskowiak, 9]

Crime and Law created a mock trial on Nov. 12. Junior Carson Smith “killed” a man and junior Clayton Green had to prove his innocence. [Demi Ferretti, 11]

Biology students dissected worms on Nov. 12. [Sarah O’Beirne, 12]

Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her 2,000th show on Thursday, Nov. 12. [Bella Hatzigeurgiou, 9]

ASL I students learned how to use a video phone on Friday, Nov. 13, to chat with other hearing impaired students and people. [Christian Gholson, 12]

On November 13, Busch Stadium was transformed into a soccer field for the 2018 World Cup qualifier game for U.S.A. [Justin Cupps, 9]

Poms performed with Jerseyville high school at the Ambush game at St. Charles Family Arena on Saturday, Nov. 14. [Claire Dreller, 12]

Senior Hassan Baig asked junior Tyler Hannegan to be the Hockey team manager. Click here to see the video.

Nov. 12, freshman Harry Skordos and junior Amanda Manwill got a soccer experience with Landon Donovan at West High; click here to watch the video.

Week of Nov. 2 – 6


Katie Christensen

Ten Orchestra students auditioned on Nov. 2 and made it to the All Suburban Conference. [Sarah O’Beirne, 12]

Nearly one hundred government students worked the polls from 5 a.m. to p.m. for service hours on Nov. 3. [Claire Pellegrino, 11]

The U.S. Army came to lunch periods on Wednesday, Nov. 4, and sophomore Lance Griffin was given a t-shirt for doing 50 pushups. [Emma MacNeil, 10]

Teachers and faculty members handed out tickets to students to get free ice cream bars at lunch for being awarded the best ranked public high school, by startclass.com, in the state of Missouri on Nov. 4. [Airely Rodriguez, 11]

Red Cups return for the holidays at Starbucks and are officially being sold at all locations, but not everybody is happy about them. Click here to find out more. [Claire Dreller, 12]

History teacher Jeff Chazen held an online video conference on Nov. 4 to answer questions before the AP Government test. [Ellie Widowski, 11]

AP Physics II learned about optix demonstrations by placing a naked barbie doll in a fish tank. [Mallory Henak, 12]

On Wednesday, Tom Herpel’s Latin class learned the Latin behind the names and spells from Harry Potter. [Nell Jaskowiak, 9]

Teacher Charlie Cutelli read children’s picture book “Diary of a Fly” to his Forensics class on Thursday, Nov. 5. [Molly Sewester, 12]

“Hello” by Adele sits at number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. [Peyton Gaskill, 9]

Teacher Amy Cohen’s biology class studied stages of mitosis through microscopes on Thursday, Nov. 5. [Shanna Bailey, 10]

A thirteen year old boy with autism from New York City says he performed the heimlich maneuver on a classmate at school on Nov. 6 having learned the technique from television show, “Spongebob Squarepants”. [Kjell Hagen, 11]

Week of Oct. 26 – 30


Julia Blatchford, 12

Zoology class dissected molluscs on Oct. 30. [Vericia Pearson]

Students turned in tissue boxes decorated with presidential candidates for extra credit in Jeff Chazen’s AP Gov classes on Monday, Oct. 26. [Natalie Rath, 11]

Parkway Spark’s FREED Education notebooks went on sale Oct. 26! For every notebook purchased, a new one is provided for a child in need. [Megan Barton, 12]

The sudden drop in temperature on Tuesday caused students to bring in blankets and carry them class to class around school. [Dani Fischer, 9]

Drug dogs made an appearance Tuesday, Oct. 27 to make sure Parkway is maintaining a safe and dry campus. [Bobby Connor, 12]

History teacher Jeff Chazen asked his students to bring in empty milk jugs on Oct. 27 because his daughter wanted to line their sidewalk with homemade milk jug ghosts for Halloween. [Kristen Baranski, 11]

Starbucks released a special ‘Dracula’ frappuccino for three days up until the day after Halloween. [Bailey Rathart, 12]

Laura Glenn’s Personal Finance class competed against Principal Jeremy Mitchell in the stock market. [Kacie Bergh, 10]

The varsity cheerleaders had a team dinner at Global Quesadilla before the boys soccer game on Oct. 29. [Claire Pellegrino, 11]

P.E. teacher Tommy Rowe’s Walking Fitness class went to St. Louis Bread Co. on Friday, Oct. 30. [Paloma Gonzalez, 11]

A new snapchat update released where you can make videos fast and slow motion. [Sam Walkoff, 9]

Week of Oct. 19 – 23

Pro Start I chef's made healthy brownies on Tuesday using zucchini and applesauce. [Ava Larsen, 11]

Pro Start I chef’s made healthy brownies on Tuesday using zucchini and applesauce. [Ava Larsen, 11]

Crime and Law students took a field trip to the county courts and saw a murder trial. [Mallory Henak, 12]

The Anime club did line squats for 30 seconds as their daily exercise on Wednesday. [Joyce Hsieh, 9]

Freshman Chloe Hershenow set a new personal record by 20 seconds on her mile time running 5:49 at cross country practice on Wednesday. [Emily Dickson, 10]

The German exchange students took a trip to Walmart after school on Wednesday. [Molly Sewester, 12]

On Thursday, COW members participated in Halloween Happenings at the Early Childhood Center. Students sat inside and decorated boxes and handed out candy to the kids. [Alyssa Flemming, 11]

Junior Nick Furhmann ordered six pizzas during second lunch and sold them to people on Thursday.

A representative from Sullivan University in Kentucky taught Pro Start I chef’s how to decorate a basic cake. [Lindsey Anstine, 12]

Sophomore Joe Roseman performed parkour tricks in the junior bay after being chanted on “Encore!” by the senior lounge on Friday. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

On Friday, Lauren Bernstein’s Spanish IV class declared they will be having a food party in celebration of speaking for a total of 250 minutes in only Spanish. [Ava Larsen, 11]

Julie Peterson came to speak with the ASL I class about her experiences growing up deaf and attending Gallaudet University, a school entirely spoken in American sign language. [Christian Gholson, 12]

The Yearbook staff has reached 64 percent of their sales goal selling books on YearbookOrderCenter.com. [Kristen Baranski, 11]

Week of Oct. 12 – 16

Grace Miller and her cross country team threw a party for Cutelli's birthday in his classroom by filling his room with four hundred and fifty embarrassing photos of him on Oct. 15. [Rachel Ebner]

Grace Miller and her cross country team threw a party for Cutelli’s birthday in his classroom by filling his room with four hundred and fifty embarrassing photos of him on Oct. 15. [Rachel Ebner]

Poll election training for government service hours was on Oct. 13 for AP Gov students planning on helping out. The training began at 7 p.m. in the social studies concept center. There were not enough spots for all of the students to volunteer. [Ava Larsen, 11]

German exchange students, hosts and students went to the Arch, the Zoo and the Hard Rock Cafe on Oct. 14. [Emily Sexton, 9]

Jazz Choir’s a cappella video reached 8,000 views on YouTube by Oct. 15. [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

Librarian Brian Welch stayed after school for five hours on Oct. 15 to help students with their research papers for English IV. [Mallory Henak, 12]

English teacher Erin Fluchel taught her final day of classes on Oct. 16, before going on maternity leave for the balance of the year. [Madeline Burns, 10]

Twenty-nine students were selected as merit scholar finalists from the Parkway school district. [Kacie Bergh, 10]

In Madame Charles’ French class, students created postcards for potential French vacation destinations. [Chris Narishkin, 10]

Sophomore Claire Goedde and junior Jamie Poppen are ranked fourth place in the city for most blocks in volleyball. [Maddie Schoessel, 10]

Ava Larsen and Claire Martin went to the state tennis tournament in Springfield, MO. The duo placed fifth place at state for doubles. [Kyla Hatton, 12]

Yearbook students chose the cover design for 2016 on Oct. 16. [Zainab Hussain, 9]


Inter-State Studios Inc. 41445

Week of Oct. 5 – 9

Rebecca Su qualified for state golf on Monday, Oct. 5. [Ashley Spillman, 9]

Juniors Claire Martin and Ava Larsen won sectionals in tennis on Tuesday, Oct. 6, and are now on the road to winning state! [Ellie Widowski, 11]

Latin II did yoga exercises and poses to help learn imperatives on Wednesday, Oct. 7. [Sarah O’Beirne, 12]

Cara Borgsmiller announced that she is pregnant with a baby girl on Wednesday, Oct. 7. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Jazz Choir’s music video released on Thursday, Oct. 8. Two hours after it was released, music teacher Brian Parish was contacted by a Jazz Choir teacher from New Mexico asking if he could study his choir class to make his better. [Katie Bowen, 12]

If Junior Varsity soccer did not meet average school grade expectations from coach Tom Herpel, (anything less than a C), they were told they would have to run as a consequence. On Thursday, Oct. 8, the team had to run eight miles. [Ethan Golde, 9]

With a score of 5-4 on Thursday, Oct. 8, since Jeff Chazen has been coaching the team, varsity softball won their first semi-final district game versus Parkway North, Chazen’s alma mater. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Amy Cohen’s Biology class examined the inside of their cheek cells using a cotton swab, and observing the cells by looking through a microscope. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

French students made halloween decorations and ate donuts at French club on Oct. 8. [Claire Pelligrino, 11]

Jacob Cupps (12), Austin Corteville (10), Rachel Osborne (12), and Logan Stucki (12) soaked a swim cap in water and stretched it out enough to fit senior Kendall Welch inside of it during the cross country morning swim practice on Tuesday, Oct. 6. [Kendall Welch, 12]

Week of Sept. 30 – Oct. 2

Sophomore Hannah Hoffman designed and submitted a Geo Filter for Snapchat and it was accepted on Oct. 1. [Emma Ratliff, 12]

At the Taylor Swift concert on Monday, Sept. 28, Haley Teipelman met Taylor Swift's mom and was upgraded her nosebleed seats to the pit near Swift's family. [Haley Tiepelman, 9]
At the Taylor Swift concert on Monday, Sept. 28, Haley Tiepelman met Taylor Swift’s mom and was upgraded from her nosebleed seats to the pit near Swift’s family.

During the preparation of the float on Wednesday, Sept. 10, juniors tested a smoke machine causing the fire alarm to go off, resulting in the fire department to visit the school for the second time in two weeks. [Sarah Booth, 12]

Math teacher Jerry Wieczorek won the St. Louis Blues jersey at the Taste of West with a bid of $800. [Allie Collins, 11]

A drone flew over the Powderpuff game on Thursday and recorded the senior women dominating the junior ladies with a final score of 12-0. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Seniors, after the powder puff game, teepeed eight of the juniors houses. [Demi Ferretti, 11]

Water was officially discovered on Mars. [Claire Dreller, 12]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was added to Netflix on Thursday, Oct. 1. [Miquela Lopez, 9]

NewsChannel 5 interviewed Alex Rossi in the library on Oct. 2 about the Pathfinder article about him. [Madeline Burns, 10]

Friday, Oct. 2 was Spirit Day, and the band played the fight song as people walked into school. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

Taking the place of the band, the Symphonic Orchestra played the song “Intermezzo” at the pep rally during Homecoming Court for the first time. [Sarah O’Berine, 12]

Week of Sept 21 – 25

On Monday, Sept. 21, senior football players made a playbook for the first Powderpuff practice. [Bobby Connor, 12]

Students visited the Botanical Gardens with their 13 foreign exchange students on Tuesday, Sept. 22, suddenly realizing that the City Museum was closed. [Shannon Anderson, 12]

Michelle Kerpash’s freshman honors English class played “freeze frame,” where students pretended to be characters from “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Wednesday, Sept. 23. [Kristin Priest, 9]

Juniors Natalie Rath, Maggie Hulen and Maggie Morse and seniors Kendall Welch, Rachel Osborne and Lindsey Stucki performed a song they wrote on Wednesday for Cross Country to the beat of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the movie Mulan, and titled it, “I’ll Make Runners Out of You.” [Natalie Rath, 11]

Sept. 23, Jazz Choir stayed after school until 10 p.m. to record their music video for a Macy’s competition to win $25,000 for the school. [Katie Bowen, 12]

Annie Wayland’s Leadership class began decorating banners for the homecoming parade on Wednesday, Sept. 23. [Ally Guccione, 12]

The Feminist Club is planning a charity concert in October to raise money for Operation Keep Girls in School. [Kathryn Harter, 12]

Senior school pictures released on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Seniors can view their pictures here. [Matt Blake, 12]

During common ground on Wednesday, Sept. 23, German teacher Michael Kloster showed his students Richard Simmons videos to prepare for 80’s day. [Bailey Rathert, 12]

After playing for two and a half hours, varsity softball defeated Parkway Central 18-11 on Thursday, Sept. 24. [Mallory Henak, 12]

Season twelve of Grey’s Anatomy premiered Thursday, Sept. 24. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Casey Holland’s fourth hour  English I class participated in the Cha-Cha Slide on Friday, Sept. 25. [Mary Yannakakis, 9]

Week of Sept 14 – 18

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) met on Tuesday, Sept. 15, and discussed change in the health code to include gender and sexuality. [Megan Barton, 12]

Originally wanting to have a jersey theme night for the Friday night football game, rival Parkway Central tweeted about their theme being Black-Out night, so we immediately changed West’s theme to White-Out night to continue the ongoing rivalry. [Claire Dreller, 12]

The new school logo was announced on Sept. 15. [Sydney Kinzy, 10]

One hundred and fifteen colleges greeted students at the College Fair in the main gym Sept. 15. [Allie Collins,11]

For Alyssa Flemming’s 17th birthday on Sept. 15, Principal Secretary Joyce Weiss gave her a cookie cake. [Ellie Widowski, 11]

Juniors Drew Littich, Matt Perego and Amanda Manwill brought in supplies for an ice cream bar to demonstrate their atom presentation in Jan Keller’s Chemistry class. [Demi Ferretti, 11]

SCAD School of Design spoke to AP art students Thursday, Sept. 16. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

Coach Kevin John dropped Cross Country team off five miles away, and told them to run back to the school on Sept. 17. [Grace Colbert, 12]

Amy Cohen’s biology class used the inside of eggs for a cell membrane experiment on Sept. 17. [Shanna Bailey, 10]

The new iOS9 update was released Thursday, Sept. 17. [Ava Larsen, 11]

IMG_9687Michelle Kerpash’s English class celebrated National Talk like a Pirate day on Friday, Sept. 18 with food and pirate costumes. [Natalie Buttler,9]

Debate rages about who pulled the fire alarm causing the fire department to come. [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

A section of the senior lounge couch was removed due to students pulling out the mattress to take a nap.  [Mary Galkowski, 12]

“Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weekend keeps its number one spot on the Hot 100. [Peyton Gaskill, 9]

Friday, Sept. 18 was National Burger Day. [Bella Hatzigeorgiou, 9]

During the Speech and Debate team’s first competition at Mehlville High School, juniors Kent Robinson and Peter Petev were Tournament Champions in varsity Duet Improv. [English teacher, Cara Borgsmiller]

Week of Sept 7 – 11

Senior Jack O’Connor asked Claire Dreller to Homecoming by painting the question “HC?” and putting a cut out picture of his head on her car. [Alex Karrenbrock, 12]

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, sophomore Rachel Wang arm wrestled English II teacher Casey Holland. [Betsy Wait, 10]

The soccer team dinner on Wednesday night left players with satisfyingly full-stomachs from junior Connor Basler’s new family restaurant, Daily’s. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

Varsity and JV girls volleyball made t-shirts saying "#MallieStrong" in support of Mallie Rover, a sophomore at Kirkwood High School battling stage four brain cancer.
Maddie Schoessel
Varsity and JV girls volleyball made t-shirts saying “#MallieStrong” in support of Mallie Rover, a sophomore at Kirkwood High School battling stage four brain cancer.

Apple revealed that the new iPhone 6S will be available Tuesday, Sept. 9 in rose gold. [Bella Hatzigeorgiu, 9]

On Friday during second lunch, senior Hassan Baig asked senior Lauren Sanford to Homecoming by playing “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem over the speakers in the cafeteria. [Peyton Gaskill, 9]

Senior Vericia Pearson and junior Abby Kottemeyer went undefeated 16-0 in their tennis doubles tournament on Friday, and the entire varsity team received first place. [Jenny Chai, 11]

Sister of P.E. teacher Katelyn McCreary, surprised her with flowers and a cookie cake for her birthday during blocked sixth and seventh hour P.E. class on Friday. Students broke into song while McCreary laughed claiming she was “too old for the Happy Birthday song.” [Trinity Norris, 9]

Dr. Frye’s English II class had Fun Friday on Sept. 11 by watching Lord of the Flies and eating snacks. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

Varsity golf wins at Lindbergh invitational tournament with a score of 356. Senior Rebecca Su scored 14th place with a score of 79 on an 18-hole course. [Ashley Spillmann, 9]

Baby powder was thrown in the air by the student section while chanting the "I Believe" cheer at the home football game Friday night against U City. -Haley Tiepelman (11)
Maddie Cooke
Baby powder was thrown in the air by the student section while chanting the “I Believe” cheer at the home football game Friday night against U City. -Haley Tiepelman (11)

Katy Mangrich’s Photo I class learned how to roll film on Friday. [Shanna Bailey, 10]

Sophomores Sydney Kinzy, Hannah Hoffmann, Chris Bass and Joe Williams convinced faculty around the building to hit the Whip and the Nae Nae. [Maret Welby, 12]

WOW had their second meeting that was homecoming themed. Tutorials of good versus bad makeup were demonstarted, and junior Kaliegh Riggs was given the bad tutorial! [Claire Dreller, 12]

The Parkway West marching band performed their show “Poltergeist” for the first time at the varsity home game on Septe. 11. [Justin Cupps, 9]

Week of Aug 31 – Sept 4

Susan Dean celebrates 30 years of coaching volleyball.
Kendyl Plappert
Susan Dean celebrates 30 years of coaching volleyball.

While whipping up a batch of mud cookies, senior Lindsey Anstine, junior Molly Thomas and senior Kaylie Hatcher’s butter suddenly exploded all over the kitchen. [Lindsey Anstine, 12]

On Aug. 29, senior Brigit Hennessey received first place in her Irish dance competition. [Grace Colbert, 12]

On Aug. 31, Principal Jeremy Mitchell made an announcement over the intercom, calling the school a “tropical climate” due to the temporarily broken air conditioning system. [Emma Ratliff, 12]

The new Badminton Club announced that meetings will be held Wednesdays from 2:30-3:45 p.m. in the north gym with sponsor Chris Azar. [Kathryn Harter, 12]

Marching band practiced in nearly 100 degree weather for over two hours on Thursday, Sept. 3. [Emily Sexton, 9]

The boys Cross Country team participated in their annual “hat run.” Groups of runners choose specific types of running out of a hat, and must complete the run in 15 minutes. [Grant Aden, 11]

Jeff Chazen’s seventh hour AP government class was the only class to score a 100 percent on the retake of their very first test this year. [Natalie Rath, 11]

There are talks about the Poms and Cheerleading squad standing together on the sidelines. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

Senior boys dress preppy for “Frat-Boy-Friday.” [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

Unplanned, Social Studies teachers Melvin Trotier and Zaven Nalbandian wore matching outfits on Thursday, Sept. 3.
Jenny Chai
Unplanned, Social Studies teachers Melvin Trotier and Zaven Nalbandian wore matching outfits on Thursday, Sept. 3.

Pumpkin Spice Latte is back! [Claire Dreller, 12]

On Sept. 2 after fourth hour, math teacher Patrick Mooney and senior Ally Guccione sang “I’ll be there” by the Jackson 5. [Vericia Pearson, 12]

On Thursday Sept. 3, Firehouse Sub sandwiches were sold for the first time in the cafeteria. [Claire Pellegrino, 11]

More snacks have been added to the first floor vending machines, including sour gummy worms. [Alex Foelsch, 11]






Week of Aug 24-28

Senior Holt Priest debuts his

Joe Williams

Senior Holt Priest debuts his “Varsity Football Swag.”

Senior Holt Priest received his varsity jersey at practice on Aug. 27. [Ally Guccione, 12]

While evaluating Spanish teacher Eileen Rodriguez-Kiser’s classroom, Principal Jeremy Mitchell had to sit on the floor because the class is so full. [Emma MacNeill, 10]

History teacher Melvin Trotier brought in different types cake for his government class to represent different types of federalism; each student got to eat the cake of their choice. [Ava Larsen, 11]

On Aug. 26, students shared their favorite pictures of their dogs on social media to celebrate National Dog Day. [Maret Welby, 12]

English teacher Dr. Angela Frye had students volunteer to cook bacon in her classroom during a movie day first hour and almost set off the smoke detector. [Alex Foelsch, 10]

The Activities Office has begun to discuss alternating the Glow Dance every other year with the King of Hearts, a dance where the girls ask the boys. [Allie Collins, 11]

Using a plastic tube, three coffee filters, and a rubber band, Colleen O’Toole’s Astronomy class went outside to calculate the circumference of the sun. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

This year’s Homecoming theme was chosen. The theme is Decades: the 20s, 50s, 60s & 70s, 80s and 3000s. [Mary Galkowski, 12]

Over 60 girls attended the first WOW (Women of West) meeting on Aug. 26. [Claire Pellegrino, 11]

Varsity Cheer did a total of 138 high kicks at the football game against Union. [Kristen Baranski, 11]

The twitter account @hot_pwest_chicks was suspended. [Hannah Hoffmann, 11]

Officer Scott Scoggins struck again, giving out 27 parking tickets to the seniors and nine tickets to the juniors on Aug. 25. [Gwenn Pietrowski, 12]

Week of Aug 17-21


Joe Williams

The Boys Soccer Team practices on the newly re-sodded field.

On Thursday, the marching band did “the Bernie” for team bonding. [Nell Jaskowiak, 9]

The softball team combined into one team due to small numbers, but the JV team still may have some scrimmages. [Megan Barton, 12]

Chemistry teacher Joel Anderson had a mouse running around his classroom. [Ava Larsen, 11]

Senior Molly Sewester accidentally hit coach Jeff Chazen in the eye with a smosh ball during batting practice. [Molly Sewester, 12]

Spanish teacher Eileen Rodriguez-Kiser made students’ parents try to speak in Spanish at Open House on Thursday. [Sam Walkoff, 10]

Sixty-six parking tickets were given in the senior lot on Monday. [Bailey Rathert, 12]

A new pottery club formed hosted by Ceramics teacher Ashley Drissell. [Kathryn Harter, 12]

In sixth hour PE class, freshman Maria Newton broke the girl’s rowing machine record at 125 meters in 27.5 seconds. [Natalie Butler, 9]

The upper soccer practice field is finally ready to play on after being re-sodded. [Alex Karrenbrock, 12]

Senior Landon Creemens, junior Logan Williams, sophomores Jonathon Dixon and Jackson Glisson got their heads shaved during the football team dinner at senior Evan Shuker’s house on Aug. 2o. [Demi Ferretti, 11]

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