Art at a Glance

Freshmen Sophia Malpocker's self portrait hung in West High's art show.
Vaishali Shah
Freshmen Sophia Malpocker’s self portrait hung in West High’s art show.

Sophia Malpocker, 9

Freshman Sophia Malpocker sat doodling at a cafeteria lunch table. She says her approach to art changed because of the Drawing I class she took first semester.

“Before high school, I didn’t consider myself a very good drawer so I wanted to learn how to draw. The class taught me several good things that I can now apply to my art. Now, I just find myself doodling a lot cause I like to try at it now,” Malpocker said.

Malpocker says she has discovered her inner artist and now even has a preference of mediums.

“With pencil, I’m much more at ease because I know I can erase it. But with pen, I can’t really erase it. And shading is difficult because it’s a solid color.”

Malpocker’s favorite art piece that she created  had a spot in the Art Show at West.

“We had to draw a portrait and mine turned out looking very sad so I was thinking, ‘I might draw a teardrop,’ but I just didn’t get around to it. The face looked sad because it was my ‘focus face’. But this is definitely one of my favorite pieces that I have done.” she said.

Her imagination for the self portrait came from her tools.

“I found my inspiration by looking into the mirror in front of me,” she said.

Because of her interest in art, Malpocker took Drawing I first semester, and has advice for incoming freshman also fascinated in art.

“Listen to what your teacher says and apply everything your teacher teaches for your artwork,” Malpocker said.

Senior Elizabeth Newell holds up her statement art.
Vaishali Shah
Senior Elizabeth Newell holds up her statement art.

Elizabeth Newell, 12

A notebook filled with snippets of catalogs and magazines to create what Senior Elizabeth Newell calls statement art.

“It’s art that sends a message to the viewer. It portrays how I observe the world,” she said.

Through her art, Newell is able to express her feelings and emotions.

“Art is another way of talking, almost like another language. I can communicate my thoughts through my art,” she said.

Sophie Starr, 12

Senior Sophia Starr's pottery piece was featured in the West High Art Show.
Vaishali Shah
Senior Sophia Starr’s pottery piece was featured in the West High Art Show.

Senior Sophie Starr is involved in a plethora of different art classes.

“Drawing I, Design Arts, Ceramics II are the classes I have taken this year,” Starr said.

Starr takes art to challenge herself.

“Art is one of the things that I actually like to challenge myself in. For example, ceramics is easier for me, but I also enjoy painting, which is harder because you have paint inside of things,” she said.

Starr’s inspiration comes not from big events, but more the simplicities of life.

“I draw upon music as a source of inspiration. Also, if the routine is broken like if you got in a fight with a sibling, or stayed up too late, or there was a family loss–all of things inspire me to do different types of art. In my life, I am moving to Nashville in the spring and that’s one of the major events taking place in my life,” Starr said.

Starr’s feeling when she does art prompts her to use her free time to enjoy this “sport” as well.

“I feel contented and happy when I’m doing art. I also do pieces in my free time,” Starr said.

Her advice for incoming art students is one that she has followed as well.

“You are probably not going to be the best the very first day,” Starr said. “Just be humble and willing to learn and you will be able to do great. You are never as bad as you think you are.”