POW: Daniel Loaney, 9


“Being homeschooled your entire life, what was it like to be around more people and a newer element?”

“Well I felt like Simba from the Lion King, because when the warning bell rang I was walking through the halls to get to my first class and everyone just rushed past me and it felt like wildebeest were coming after me kinda like a stampede.”

“What was the biggest transition?”

“Most definitely my sleep schedule versus me sleeping in till 10, and then starting school at home from there.”

“How are you enjoying high school? Is it what you expected?”

“So far I like it, my mood on school will most likely change soon because I have a lot of homework. I’m staying up till seven or eight o’clock at night but when I was homeschooled it only took me about three hours during the day.”

“How about the new environment?”

“Making new friends is definitely the best part, being in a new classroom everyday versus staying in my basement every single day.”

“What is your favorite subject?”

“I like art, I am not good at it but I like it.”