2021 Senior send-off map

2021 Senior send-off map

Paige Matthys-Pearce, Staff Writer March 5, 2021

Senior Mohammed Kuziez leads the assembly right before dismissal. Kuziez co-teaches with senior Ridwan Oyebamiji at Al-Iman Saturday School. “They recite what we assigned them in class, and we give them a grade on that,” Kuziez said. “Based on their grades throughout the semester, we give them a final grade for the semester based on different categories. There’s behavior, classwork, homework and pronunciation.”

Seniors Ridwan Oyebamiji and Mohammed Kuziez teach Qur’an

Lydia Roseman, News and Sports Editor May 13, 2020

After school and on the weekends, seniors Ridwan Oyebamiji and Mohamed Kuziez teach Qur’an in Arabic to students between seven and 12 years old. As an action that their prophet Muhammad did, it is important...

Sitting in her bedroom, junior Zoe DeYoung writes in her notebook while in quarantine. DeYoung won first place in the Senior Poetry Division of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s “Express the Music” writing competition. “The poem was so different from everything I’d ever written before,” DeYoung said. “It made me proud of taking that leap and writing something like that.”

Junior Zoe DeYoung wins St. Louis Symphony Orchestra “Express the Music” Senior Poetry Division

Lydia Roseman, News and Sports Editor May 11, 2020

Out of 2000 participants, 476 submissions and 47 finalists, junior Zoe DeYoung won first place in the Senior Poetry Division of “Express the Music.” Express the Music is an annual writing competition...

Fred Matamoros illustration of Dali-esque melting clock with fall leaves; can be used with stories about setting clocks back in the fall. (The Orange County Register/MCT)

Permanent Daylight Savings Time would have positive effect on students

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer November 4, 2019

Every first Sunday of November, students gain one hour of sleep back, while every second Sunday of March, we lose one as finals and the spring sports season looms. With “fall back” approaching quickly,...

Looking into a virtual reality headset, sophomore Dyani May takes a virtual tour of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in her English II class Sept. 17. This was English teacher Casey Holland’s first time using VR in his classroom and was pleased with his students’ reaction to the tour. “It was different and exciting and fun,” Holland said. “The kids thought it was neat. When we started off, they were taking pictures of each other with their phones, but as the material we were talking about got more in depth, you could hear them saying ‘Oh wow,’ and hear them having some really good conversations with one another.”

English II students explore the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum through virtual reality

Lydia Roseman, News Section Editor September 17, 2019

No airfare, hotel, transportation or museum pass was necessary for students in English II to tour the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Washington, D.C. In fact, not a single school absence was...

Using balloons and newspaper to construct piñatas in Eileen Rodriguez-Kiser’s Spanish II class, sophomore Logan Wich and junior Ridwan Oyebamiji laugh as they glue together their project. The class has been exploring different types of birthday celebrations in Hispanic countries. “It was really cool to take a hands-on approach to learning Spanish,” Oyebamiji said. “Instead of just sitting at a desk, we were able to be immersed in the culture, which really deepens your understanding.”

Photo of the week – April 29

Emma Caplinger, Podcast Artist May 3, 2019

Working on his novella before the approaching publishing date, senior Hayden Riehl hopes to grow both his understanding of the world around him and the world’s understanding of him. “I find writing for storytelling to be incredibly therapeutic, just from some of the stories that people have written in class that I've [seen],” Riehl said. “It was them literally working through a trauma that they've had in the past or something that they're trying to get their own heads wrapped around. Stories can do that. They can help you navigate a sea of your own thoughts.”

From students to published authors: Creative Writing 2 will host E-book release launch party at the Wolf Cafe

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer April 30, 2019

In a frenzy to finish before their deadline, the Creative Writing 2 class logs hours that will result in a published E-book on the Amazon Kindle Store. Amazon’s self-publishing program, Kindle Direct...

Adding the final touches to their documentary, juniors Sabrina Bohn and Emma Caplinger discuss how their interviews turned out. The junior were given six weeks to complete the project. “I’m really glad we did this project because I’m really interested in documentaries and film in general so this was a really cool opportunity and it introduces you to something that you wouldn’t think to be introduced to in English class and I think that it gives you different skill set that you [aren’t normally] given in school so I think it’s pretty cool,” Bohn said.

AP Language and Composition students take a unique approach to prepare for the exam

Ridwan Oyebamiji, Staff Writer April 5, 2019

With camera and questions in hand, juniors in AP Language and Composition grabbed footage for the documentaries they created to understand their visual rhetoric unit. The idea was created when English...

Writing Greek prose on the whiteboard, seniors Nell Jaskowiak and Deirdre Jost practice their letters and accents during their independent study. Taking Greek enables Jost to better prepare for a variety of possible futures, both through the content itself and the skills she retains. “Greek actually has a whole bunch of different accent marks which is not something you have in English,” Jost said. “I feel like I'd like to take [another] language, maybe Spanish or French,  in the future and having learned the Greek language with different alphabets and different accent marks might make it easier to learn that language, whatever it may be.”

Growing through Greek: seniors Nell Jaskowiak and Deirdre Jost gain valuable life skills through independent study

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer April 2, 2019

The hallway is silent and still except for the occasional wanderer in search of the water fountain. A second glance finds seniors Nell Jaskowiak and Deirdre Jost settled on the floor by the Latin room. Jaskowiak...

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