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As students approach adulthood, it is essential for them to learn about the status quo from all perspectives possible. While in school, students have opportunities to engage in activities, discussions and lessons to enhance their knowledge. “People will be afraid to speak out on their political views if they know that those around them disagree with them, but we definitely talk about political issues around school. We encourage people to share different political views and make sure that no one is excluded,” sophomore Ryan Shabani said.

Drivers of change: Society’s role in the generational influence of politics

Pathfinder Editorial Board February 29, 2024

Make America Great Again. Finish the Job. Everyone’s Invited. Make America Normal Again. Declare Your Independence.  With the 2024 presidential election less than nine months away, campaigns and...

“[With teaching,] Its very hard to know what you need until you start teaching. But I would say [that] just knowing students are typically doing their best [is the most important factor]. Many of the behaviors you might [recognize] are indications of not understanding [the lesson], or feeling that theyre not confident in the class. Knowing that, I think [this mindset] would’ve helped me  from the beginning instead of this adversarial type of situation that a lot of teachers might feel going [into teaching]. [Its important to know] that things get easier as you teach because you add more tools to your toolbox as you go. And the more tools you have, the more engaging your classes [will be] and the better feedback you can give [to your] students.” - Sonya McGowin, Spanish

Sonya McGowin, Spanish

Srisha Gujjula, CJ1 Writer February 23, 2024

For the past three years, Parkway has administered high school finals after winter break, a practice that proves to be detrimental to the success as well as the mental health of students. With finals after break appearing to do more harm than good, the question of what changes can be made arises time and time again. “The pressure for finals is difficult, and to have that [pressure for] a few weeks because youre on [a] break can make you generally sad. Its a bummer in general. I wish [finals] were before break, so we [could] have a break to sleep, celebrate and not study. Everyone Ive talked to about it is like yeah, finals sucks, and I wish that wasnt a thing,” junior Meadow Kostial said.

Post-break panic

The problem Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, a new schedule — pushing back the academic year and shifting finals to after winter break — was adopted district-wide. From students to teachers,...

“I love working with students. I love seeing ‘aha moments’ [from my students] and when things click. I enjoy offering study opportunities or travel opportunities specifically. Im really eager to take students on trips, especially Spanish-speaking communities to see them interact in a real-world scenario with native people. The hardest part of teaching is its crazy political. There are a lot of agendas that get pushed in school and it frustrates me because it shouldnt be about agendas, administration, and politics. It should be about students and their learning and providing the best environment so sometimes it is like a dual-sided coin.” - Jessica Verweyst, Spanish

Jessica Verweyst, Spanish

Raneem Hussein, Staff Writer August 29, 2023

Tom Herpel uses his plan time to prepare for future Latin classes in which students learn grammar, literature, and culture. Herpel wanted to avoid jumping to conclusions about the upcoming changes to reduce teacher plan time. “I will not know the type of time crunch I will be under until Ive experienced it. I might be able to get work done while Im doing this other responsibility. I hesitate to make assumptions without having experienced it myself,” Herpel said.

Teachers speak out as Parkway School District implements a 190-minute reduction to teacher plan time

Ruthvi Tadakamalla, Social Media Manager June 2, 2023

Think of everything a teacher needs to do to prepare for class. A student might come into class and start their work immediately, but a teacher needs to spend hours planning and preparing to ensure learning...

Teens continue to go on with their day as shootings of others their age ensue nationwide.

In America we (dis)trust: the effects of guns on America’s youth

Ringing the wrong doorbell. Pulling into the wrong driveway. Opening the wrong car door. Dropping a basketball in the wrong backyard. Once seen as innocent mishaps, these actions may warrant a death sentence...

This weekend, we followed junior Thalea Afentoullis at the St. Louis Greek Fest.

Ancient Culture in a Modern World: The Sights and Sounds of the STL Greek Fest

Samir Shaik and Cindy Phung May 30, 2023

SOPHOMORE SAMIR SHAIK: Many people forget that Saint Louis is a cultural melting pot. Each year, countless cultural festivities are held that celebrate people from all walks of life.  SOPHOMORE...

Junior Nicholas Herman stands in front of a white wall with a colorful mural of a world map painted on it. Herman stands in front of the Eastern Hemisphere.

A Tale of Three Cities

Sakenah Lajkem, CJ1 Writer May 17, 2023

From birth until 11 years old, junior Nicholas Herman was used to New York City. He was accustomed to the skyscraper buildings, the English language and the busy city people. “People are very active...

Kimora Jones

Kimora Jones

Ashlyn Gillespie, Deputy Managing Editor in Chief December 9, 2022

“The day that I turned 16 and went to work at Windsor in the Galleria. [I like] the people, and that it's not a hard job. [On] Black Friday, everybody was there so it's crazy busy. [My favorite part...

Junior Suraiya Saroar enjoys both American and Bangladeshi traditions on Thanksgiving. For dessert, she has pumpkin pie and mishti, a broad category of sweets from south Asia.

You ain’t seen stuffing yet

Serena Liu, News Editor November 28, 2022
Thanksgiving is when families and friends gather to show their gratitude for each other. However, every family celebrates in unique ways, often beyond the stereotypical turkey and stuffing. Read on to learn about some of our student’s untraditional traditions.
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