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Health students destigmatize mental illness

Counselor Carly Roach teaches Katelyn Areno’s Health class about mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Students were then instructed by Roach and fellow counselor Chris Lorenz to make a website to help students with various mental illnesses.

Elle Rotter, Staff Writer

March 10, 2020

A crowd of Health students gathered in the library to listen to counselors Chris Lorenz and Carly Roach speak about mental illness. Students took action and made websites to spread awareness about these illnesses, hoping to become a resource for those who need help. Over the years, one of the World Health Orga...

Sophomore Amanda Clark’s “Everyday Stigmas” podcast fights mental health stigmas

Sophomore Amanda Clark presents the logo of her podcast, 'Everyday Stigmas,' which aims to fight the stigma surrounding mental health. The podcast began last year as an English assignment, and Clark decided to continue creating episodes as a hobby outside of the classroom. “I want people to become more aware of certain issues and things that are going on around them. I want them to be proactive in taking further steps to change the way they act,” Clark said.

Paige Matthys-Pearce, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 20, 2020

Students whisper among themselves and excitement increases with the thought of the unknown as English teacher Kim Hanan-West introduces a podcast assignment to her 2018-2019 Honors English I class. Sophomore Amanda Clark, a student of Hanan-West last year, created her podcast, Everyday Stigmas, to bri...

Permanent Daylight Savings Time would have positive effect on students

Fred Matamoros illustration of Dali-esque melting clock with fall leaves; can be used with stories about setting clocks back in the fall. (The Orange County Register/MCT)

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

Every first Sunday of November, students gain one hour of sleep back, while every second Sunday of March, we lose one as finals and the spring sports season looms. With “fall back” approaching quickly, we need to reevaluate our policy regarding daylight savings to realize that adopting permanent...

Health students reduce stress by creating self-care cards

Sophomore Ashleigh Morelli pages through a magazine, looking for inspiring pieces to decorate her self-care card. Morelli decorated her card with pictures and songs that will help her stay calm. “I know that I can turn to the cards to look at them like when I'm stressed out. Sometimes I can't really think of what to do, so I just stress out even more,” Morelli said. “With these cards, I will be able to look at them and know that I'll be fine.”

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

September 23, 2019

Students leaf through magazines and scribble down encouraging messages onto self-care cards. Decorated with motivational elements like pictures and quotes, health and P.E. teacher Katelyn Arenos’ second-hour health class utilized their creative skills to create ‘self-care cards’ as they learn about me...

Seniors Julia Molino, Sam Fuller and Jasmine Gilroy aim to destigmatize stress

Seniors Jasmine Gilroy, Julia Molino and Sam Fuller perform inventory on their Calming Box in the Science ASC.

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

January 22, 2019

Seniors Julia Molino, Sam Fuller and Jasmine Gilroy hope to spark conversations about mental health with the introduction of Calming Boxes in classrooms. Calming Boxes are small boxes containing fidgets such as coloring pages and stress balls. These tools are for students that struggle with anxi...

Every Mind Matters creates space for honest mental health conversations

Sitting together in the front of the class, junior Katie Solodar and sophomore Arden Dickson discuss strategies to deal with mental illness at the second official meeting of Every Mind Matters. They created the club to give students a place to talk about their struggles and ask for help. “Our main goal is to give students a community where we can talk about mental health because a lot of times we don’t have a platform where we can talk about it safely,” Dickson said. “We really wanted to provide a better environment for students, and discussion based activities will help with that.”

Sabrina Bohn, Deputy Managing EiC

December 17, 2018

The idea of a club where students can shed stigmas surrounding mental health and freely discuss mental illness began budding in junior Katie Solodar’s mind last year. With the help of sophomore Arden Dickson, they were able to get this idea off the ground by creating the club Every Mind Matters. ...

Sophomore Tony Morse gains positive outlook from struggles with anxiety and depression

Hanging out at a park, Fern Ridge junior Tori Owens, alumna Adina Flowers and sophomore Tony Morse laugh together. Whenever Tony feels upset or down, he goes to his friends who are his support system. “Now that I’m trying to get better, I feel like I can go out and do things I want with my friends, but sometimes I’ll be freaking out the whole time,” Tony said. “I’ll be with my friends, and they’ll be like, ‘Tony, calm down.’ I realized that having them there with me while that’s happening, while the anxiety is going out of control, definitely helps me.”

Sabrina Bohn, Managing EiC Intern

May 24, 2018

After dealing with anxiety all throughout his childhood, sophomore Tony Morse came face to face with both the anxiety and depression he experiences when someone reported to the school that he was self-harming in sixth grade. After that, he started going to therapy and using medication, along with tr...

Sophomore Caroline Judd thrives in new lifestyle after recovering from eating disorder

Drawing in her room, sophomore Caroline Judd often relies on her art, along with photography, to express herself and relieve stress. Caroline runs a photography Instagram and often posts her art on her personal Instagram. “I think when I was younger, I would dress a certain way or I would do certain things or hang out with certain people just because I thought that was what I was supposed to do,” Caroline said. “Doing what I love in art and photography and pursuing my passions has made me feel complete and makes me realize that being different is amazing and creativity is amazing.”

Sabrina Bohn, Managing EiC Intern

May 18, 2018

Always a health conscious person, sophomore Caroline Judd enjoys working out and eating healthfully. When she became depressed in the summer of 2017, these healthy habits spiraled into an obsession, turning her lifestyle into one plagued with thoughts of whether or not she was eating the right foods ...

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