Karley Josef


Angie Ren

“I’m passionate about going to the gym, and I’ve been going since November of 2021. I started going to the gym since I would always see gym routines and videos on my Tik Tok For You Page, and one day I decided to try it out and ended up enjoying it. I started going more often with friends, which became entertaining, so I kept going. I have gotten a lot more confident in the gym because I try to work out after school almost every day or on days I don’t have work. Going to the gym has not only improved my mental health a lot more, but I can see a lot of improvement in my physical strength and appearance. I have also noticed that it’s made me happier and energized overall since seeing slow improvement within myself daily gives me satisfaction. I want to keep improving and working towards learning more exercises to help me once track and tennis season starts again.” – Karley Josef, 11