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Raising hope: Feminist club fundraises for Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Program

Selling an “I STAND WITH REFUGEES” wrist band to junior Jon Ma during second lunch, junior Sabrina Bohn and sophomore Ulaa Kuziez raise awareness for the Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Program. The feminist club voted earlier in the year to provide money to that group in order to expand their impact on the global community. “Last semester we had a group vote between three different charities. We had one that was a women's shelter that helped women who experienced domestic abuse, the Immigrant and Refugee Women’s program and another women's shelter with a different focus. The group members voted and decided on the Immigrant and Refugee program to bring awareness, not just in our community and school, but to a bigger world,” Bohn said. Photo by Kathryn McAuliffe

Kathryn McAuliffe, Staff Writer

May 2, 2019

A desire to take progressive action on the global issue of immigration and a refusal to remain complacent inspired Feminist club to hold their second fundraiser of the year to once again benefit the Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Program (IRWP), a local charity providing education to more than 380 immigrants in St. Louis. Immigrants face difficult transit...

Students start Asian Appreciation Association to spread awareness for the Asian culture

Senior Yasmine Abdulla talks to senior Vannia Ung about future plans for the Asian Appreciation Association. AAA celebrates the different holidays that its members are familiar with. “Surprisingly most of these holidays fall on the day of the meeting,” Abdulla said. “The plan is to bring food related to that [holiday].”

Peyton Gaskill, Staff Writer

October 19, 2018

The Asian Appreciation Association brings together a group of students every other Wednesday to celebrate Asian food, holidays and culture. Founded by seniors Sianna Xu, Vannia Ung and Maddie Cooke, the club was created after they were inspired by a recent cultural trend to celebrate their Asian roots....

Gateway2Change summit motivates change

Sophomore Allani Gordon, junior Joon Bang, senior Bersabeh Mesfin and sophomore principal Jen Sebold walk to the third summit, held in SLU’s cultural center. At that summit, they presented their diversity solutions to Edward Jones. “Every lesson we were taught, every project we did, I want to take that with me in my life and my journey and discover things about myself and how I can do good for the community and the world,” Mesfin said.

Dani Fischer, Arts and Entertainment Editor

March 29, 2017

St. Louis has seen its fair share of race-based issues. Spurred by the events in Ferguson in 2014, many conversations about inequality in race, sexuality and religion have been brought to the surface. Gateway2Change, a seminar series put on by Character Plus Education, seeks to be the forum for students...

Half marathon club runs during the winter

Sophomore Sophie Pellegrino runs at cross country practice. This year is Pellegrino's second year as a member of the club.

Gabby Leon, Staff Writer

November 10, 2016

As the cross country season ends, runners will continue training during the winter as members of the half marathon club, sponsored by Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Katie Hashley and social studies teacher Mel Trotier to train for the GO! Half Marathon. “It is a 20 week program that starts on Nov. 21 and will end on the day of the half marath...

Chess team prepares for upcoming state tournament

Sophomore Liza Tarakanova concentrates on making her next move in a game of chess at the club.

Nico Stranquist, Staff Writer

February 15, 2015

Chess Team hopes to see success this Spring in state tournament

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