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“Boeing Boeing” takes flight to deliver laughs and lessons alike

Seniors Aaliyah Weston and Katie Solodar portray Bertha and Gretchen, respectively, in a scene from “Boeing Boeing.”

Tyler Kinzy, Deputy Managing EiC

October 7, 2019

Robert (senior Charlie Foy) resentfully gulps down a glass of whiskey. From across the room, Bertha (senior Aaliyah Weston) sets the house rotary phone back onto the desk and pivots towards the former. “Drink up. We’re in for a bumpy night." The performance itself? Anything but bumpy. As a th...

Inside look: student influencers make the most of social media

Sophomore Emily O’Connor smiles in a photo that she edited. O’Connor hopes that her posts have a positive effect on her followers. “Sometimes it’s hard if I’m about to post something and I think, ‘are people going to like this?’ or, ‘are people going to think I’m weird for posting this?’, but then I think about how it could affect someone and know that it could affect them positively and I just go for it,” O’Connor said.

Leah Schroeder, Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

Kylie Jenner. David Dobrik. Emma Chamberlain.  With social media being so prominent in today's society, everyone has heard the names of these Instagram influencers. Even if not everyone knows their name, student influencers have had an impact on their followers.  After senior Aaliyah Weston rose ...

Rising Youtube sensation junior Aaliyah Weston’s channel has almost 5,000 subscribers

Ending her video on a happy note, Aaliyah sends her viewers off with a cheer. Weston joined Youtube in 2012, and has since accumulated more than 4,000 subscribers.

Jenna Mercer, Convergent Media Writer

January 17, 2019

Now reaching almost 5,000 subscribers, junior Aaliyah Weston created her YouTube channel two years ago. However, last year she reconstructed her channel after she started gaining hundreds of subscribers. Weston is a beauty guru: she posts videos relating to hair, makeup and clothing. “I have a...

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